• Painting studio, silent book club, ‘Rogue One’ and more

    MONDAY KSU Blood Drive, through Thursday. K-State Student Union Ballroom Putnam Hall. MAC Community Studios: Drawing Club, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Mondays. An open studios to create in community. Bring your own materials. Cost: $5 per month. Additional studios include a clay .

  • Forget TV, check out these new DVD releases

    A hundred freakin’ channels and there’s nothing ever on. As the weather warms, what they’re offering on TV seems weaker and weaker. One can always go back and watch the classics. But there are also new movies that .

  • Live-action ‘Beauty and Beast’ holds few surprises

    No matter how one tries to formulate remarks about the new, live-action “Beauty and the Beast” movie, what one says is going to sound like complaining. That’s too bad. Disney’s 2017 version of its 1993 stage musical based on its 1991 .

  • ‘The Founder’ examines Ray Kroc of McDonald’s fame

    Chicagoland native and corporate salesman Ray Kroc apparently referred to himself as “The Founder” of McDonald’s drivein restaurants. The movie about his association with the McDonald brothers, also called “The Founder,” stars Michael Keaton as Kroc. It is playing .

  • Film is about something scarier than murder

    On the one hand the new movie “The Belco Experiment” is an Agatha Christie concept as a horror picture. Eighty people are barricaded inside an eight-story building, the intercom begins making announcements, and people start dying. And the deaths are .

  • ‘Kong’ isn’t the worst choice for monster movies

    If you must go see a movie about giant monsters, maybe “Kong Skull Island” wouldn’t be the worst choice. It looks tons better than “Godzilla” (even the newest version). And if its story doesn’t have the figurative kick .

  • Enjoy the action in the newest ‘Resident Evil’ movie

    The newest movie in the “Resident Evil” series is playing out on Seth Child Road for $2.18. During the weekend, at least, it was part of a double feature: you could pay to see the early evening “RE” and then slip .

  • Despite everything, ‘Before I Fall’ isn’t bad

    Hollywood recycles story ideas so often that it can’t be any surprise they’ve gotten around to recycling the story that recycles itself. “Groundhog’s Day” was the original picture. In it a character played by Bill Murray kept .

  • ‘The Shack’ will entertain, and puzzle, many

    The storm didn’t make it any easier to explain Stuart Hazeldine’s new film “The Shack.” While our hero Mack, played by Anglo-Aussie Sam Worthington of “Avatar” fame, was in a cave chatting with the embodiment of Wisdom (Alicia .

  • ‘Logan’s’ trailer is more intense than the movie

    When thinking about film, it is always wise to remember how many people need to collaborate to bring any one movie to viewers. In the case of the new movie starring Marvel superhero Wolverine, “Logan,” we need to be especially .

  • ‘Moonlight’ provides some food for thought

    Writer and director Barry Jenkins has hit on something important that we haven’t been noticing. Otherwise his Oscar-winning film “Moonlight” is, in several ways, one of the kinds of movies that have routinely been nominated for the award the .

  • ‘Get Out’ isn’t what it seems in its trailer

    Perhaps part of the reason writer and director Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” was the biggest movie ticket-seller this last week is its trailer. The in-theater ad made the film look like a sort of “Stepford Wives” for servants, and .


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