• ‘Dirty Grandpa’ isn’t very good ... or funny G.w.clift1

    There’s a scene about a third of the way into Dan Mazer’s new comedy “Dirty Grandpa” that demonstrates almost everything there is to know about the run-up-to-the-wedding movie. Zach Ephron is playing Jason Kelly, the groom-to-be. He has .

  • New ‘Ride Along’ sequel is worse than bad G.w.clift1

    The 2014 film “Ride Along” made my list of the worst movies of that year. It was an attempt to make a buddy comedy out of “Training Day,” with Ice Cube playing a less-corrupt version of Denzel Washington’s character and .

  • ‘13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi’ may disappoint some G.w.clift1

    The “7 o’clock” Friday night showing of Michael Bay’s new movie “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” drew a large crowd. As it ran, most of them seemed to be immersed in the film’s effective and sometimes bloody .

  • ‘Big Short’ will cause viewers to shake their heads G.w.clift1

    Movie-goers can admire director Adam McKay (who usually does Will Farrell movies) for having taken the trouble to prove that film is a lousy medium for describing abstract concepts. Or they can damn him for having made the drowsy, ultimately .

  • As horror films go, ‘The Forest’ isn’t bad G.w.clift1

    Fifteen years ago we were given a terrific new horror film called “The Others,” staring Nichole Kidman as a woman living on one of Britain’s Channel Islands. Her children were essentially allergic to sunlight. I thought that movie was .

  • New ‘Star Wars’ film solidly in the ‘good’ range Christopher.conner1

    Disney’s first feature-length contribution to the roller coaster that is the “Star Wars” franchise hit theaters before Christmas 2015. The question of how a Star Wars severed from the creative input of the franchise’s creator, George Lucas, would stand .

  • Editing would have made ‘Hateful Eight’ more successful

    Bob Howard, long-time manager of the movie theaters in Manhattan and Junction City, retired at the end of 2015. I remember a lot of incidents that occurred during his time on the job, including a break-in at Seth Childs Cinema, dollar .

  • Worst films of 2015 all had problems with their story G.w.clift1

    Every year at about this time I write about the worst general release movies I saw in the previous year. The 2015 duds, I was surprised to realize, all tend to have one of a couple of major story-telling weaknesses. Either .

  • Lots of new films on the shelves this cold month G.w.clift1

    It may be cold out this month. So the movie studios are releasing a larger than usual number of recent General Release movies on home viewing media. Movie fans can expect to see films including “Sicario,” “The Martian,” “Hotel Transylvania 2,” “.

  • ‘Daddy’s Home’ good-natured but less than memorable G.w.clift1

    It may be that the only requirement for a Hollywood film comedy these days is that it be good-natured. The ticket-buyers “require” good-nature, and so smart film-makers generally comply. “Daddy’s Home,” the new Will Farrell movie, is at least .

  • ‘Point Break’ has lots to look at ... and a message G.w.clift1

    This cinematic year action movies have led the way in discussing important issues. Consider the re-make of the 1991 movie “Point Break.” The new film is a hoot. It is wildly visual, one of the most strikingly pictorial movies we’ve .

  • ‘Joy’ falls short in communicating more than its basic story G.w.clift1

    Director David O. Russell has had success working with actors Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. This team gave us “Silver Linings Playbook” and “American Hustle,” two generally amusing recent movies. Now they have collaborated on “Joy.” The film tells the .


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