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  • ‘The Boss’ is a 20teens comedy with a difference G.w.clift1

    “The Boss” is the name of the new Melissa McCarthy film comedy. And though it features a couple of television stars and was produced by Will Ferrell and his frequent collaborator Adam McKay, its pleasures are relatively subtle. Oh, it .

  • Film ‘God’s Not Dead 2’ is ‘wildly melodramatic’ G.w.clift1

    The wildest recent event of school censorship is surely the Kipnis case. A female professor at Northwestern wrote an article for The Chronicle of Higher Education about a complaint filed by a student against a faculty member. “What a mess. .

  • ‘I Saw the Light’ is a good movie in many ways G.w.clift1

    Let’s go out on a limb: There won’t be a better job of acting in a general release movie in 2016 than the one Londoner Tom Hiddleston does playing Hank Williams in the new film “I Saw the Light.” .

  • ‘Buyer beware’ of new video releases this month G.w.clift1

    In video stores, this is the month when “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” first appears on DVD. After you see that, you might want to go back and review all six of the earlier Star Wars movies. Because as much .

  • New film ‘Batman vs. Superman’ is a set-up piece G.w.clift1

    The latest superheroes movie is called “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” That “Justice” seems to refer to DC Comics’ Justice League of America, the series in which the Flash, Green Lantern, and others cooperate to fight crime. So think .

  • ‘Big Fat Greek Wedding 2’ a successful sequel G.w.clift1

    One of the stars of the new film “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” is Lainie Kazan. My memory may be faulty, but I think the first time I saw her, she was singing on the “Ed Sullivan Show.” That show .

  • ‘Miracles’ seems aimless except as a tear-jerker

    “Miracles From Heaven” is the latest of the new run of Hollywood’s offerings to audiences who shop at “Christian” bookstores. It stars Jennifer Garner and is, like 2014’s “Heaven is for Real,” based on a true story. In each .

  • ‘Allegiant’ continues movie series from Roth’s books G.w.clift1

    Girls who have enjoyed Veronica Roth’s “Divergent” books may want to see the movie version of the third of them. “Allegiant” is out. It features the actors from the first two movies, “Divergent” and “Insurgent,” except for Kate Winslet. .

  • ‘10 Cloverfield Lane’ proves amusing sci fi/suspense film G.w.clift1

    Dan Trachtenberg’s new sci fi/suspense movie “10 Cloverfield Lane” is amusing enough in its own right. Still, scary movie fans with a little memory will enjoy considering it as a sequel to a movie now eight years old. The .

  • Movie feels unloved by cast and director G.w.clift1

    It is difficult to get very excited about the new movie “Whiskey Foxtrot Tango.” And it must have been difficult for the actors and director to get very excited about working on the film. The final product certainly feels as .

  • Plenty of new releases out for March ... and April G.w.clift1

    One of the best movies of last year, “Room,” makes its first appearance on home viewing media this month. Then there’s a lot of dreck coming out, too. March is often a good month for new DVD releases, just .

  • It’s a long way to the finish line of ‘Race’ G.w.clift1

    “Race” is a new feature film about Jessie (actually “J.C.”—an elementary school teacher mis-heard him) Owens, a quadruple Gold Medal winner. Owens, who was an African-American, won at the Berlin Olympics of 1936, apparently embarrassing racist Adolf Hitler. The .


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