• Lots of adults apt to attend ‘Angry Birds Movie’ G.w.clift1

    There’s an Angry Birds Cookbook. I understand it is called “Bad Piggies,” and it offers egg recipes as well as marginal doodles of the Angry Birds characters. There are Angry Birds soda pops. There are licensed (and, in China, .

  • Laughs absent in dreadful ‘Neighbors 2’ G.w.clift1

    Movie watching is the closest thing the rising generation has to the Boomer’s devotion to Rock music. Even compared to music recording, film requires lots of money. So the 18-year-olds of today have to watch out that their favorite .

  • Attractions of ‘Nice Guys’ overshadow its weaknesses G.w.clift1

    What elements do you want in a movie? If you like action pictures or detective stories, you may want a plausible but fairly complicated story. Movie-goers will get one when they go to see “The Nice Guys,” one of the .

  • Latest ghost story an interesting film with a good cast G.w.clift1

    Ghost stories don’t always make the most natural movies. They get tossed into the “horror” category, and most horror movie fans want to be jolted. But ghost stories don’t usually provide as many opportunities for jolts. So soon .

  • ‘Money Monster’ doesn’t communicate much about investing G.w.clift1

    Movie-goers have to realize that there are limitations to what filmmakers can do successfully. Telling stories about car chases they can do. Building tension and then surprising the viewer with a some spook jumping out of a wall, no prob. .

  • ‘Captain America: Civil War’ is big entertainment G.w.clift1

    The new super-hero movie “Captain America: Civil War” is a big entertainment, 146 minutes long and with a large cast of characters. The action in it looks good and has pace. Eventually it gets around to being funny, too, in the .

  • New film ‘Keanu’ surprisingly amusing G.w.clift1

    Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele have absolutely lived on television the last few years. But not “NCIS,” “Big Bang Theory,” big-name broadcast TV. They’ve been on “Ithamar Has Nothing to Say” and “Drunk Theory,” and seventy other things like .

  • Little reason to see long, dull ‘Mother’s Day’ G.w.clift1

    Garry Marshall is in a movie rut. The creator of the “Happy Days” television series and of lots of predictable romance movies, beginning with “Pretty Woman,” has recently begun making one movie each about national holidays. So we’ve had .

  • Ratchet and Clank movie under-conceived but harmless G.w.clift1

    Sony makes the Playstation game system. The different generations of Ratchet and Clank video games have run on Playstations since the first game was introduced in 2002. During much of that time Sony has been talking about making a movie based .

  • Little memorable about the latest ‘Barbershop’ G.w.clift1

    Twelve years was enough time for most of us to forget the first two “Barbershop” movies. It’s been even longer, this writer is told, since a public feud broke out between the third “Barbershop’s” two stars. Ice Cube, .

  • Kipling would have approved of new ‘Jungle Book’ G.w.clift1

    Rudyard Kipling has made a lot of money for the folks at Disney. They made an animated movie of his “The Jungle Book” in 1967. And now they have a superior-looking version of the same story out in theaters. The movie .

  • ‘The Boss’ is a 20teens comedy with a difference G.w.clift1

    “The Boss” is the name of the new Melissa McCarthy film comedy. And though it features a couple of television stars and was produced by Will Ferrell and his frequent collaborator Adam McKay, its pleasures are relatively subtle. Oh, it .


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