• Animated ‘Wild Life’ will amuse younger kids

    Parents and grandparents of kids to about the age of seven or eight can be assured that the new animated film “The Wild Life” will amuse their charges. The older the children, the less likely this European cinematic project will .

  • ‘Sully’ is essentially a New York City story

    “Sully” is about the best result we have any right to expect when veteran filmmakers decide to make movies based on contemporary news stories. Oh, probably the best we could expect was “United 93,” Paul Greengrass’s fascinating suspense film recalling .

  • Story in ‘The Light Between Oceans’ is quite moving

    During the early years of British possession of Australia, it was a prison colony, somewhere debtors and pickpockets were sent. The Aussies have always fancied colorful law-breakers, which is one reason Ned Kelly, the armor-wearing highwayman along the gold road, .

  • ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ good for some laughs

    Recently people have been asking me what movie they should go to the theater to see. I now have an almost one-sizefits- all answer to the question. Because last weekend I was in a (mostly female) crowd at the theater .

  • DVD releases | Jane Austen retelling worth a rental

    Carmike didn’t bring the film version of Jane Austen’s “Love and Freindship” (that’s its correct spelling) to town. It will be released in September on DVD. So if you “stream” or “Redbox"movies or are flush enough .

  • ‘Mechanic: Resurrection’ is old-fashioned, unlikely, effective

    “The Mechanic: Resurrection” is going to seem like two different movies to different audience members. In fact, your reaction to it might suggest you are, in general, a pessimist or an optimist. “This is an oldfashioned action movie — oh boy!” .

  • ‘Don’t Breath’ offers little suspense beyond its trailer

    The new suspense movie “Don’t Breathe” has been advertised as if it were something out of the ordinary. It isn’t. If you’ve seen the theatrical trailer, you know all you need to know about this little film. .

  • The fun in ‘Kubo and the Two Strings’ is in its look

    “Kubo and the Two Strings” is a new animated movie. Its Asian-fusion visual style mixes fake puppet stop-action look material with toy theater depth devices and a whole mess of references to origami. And that all works fairly well. The .

  • Just be sure to get to ‘Ben-Hur’ in time for the chariot race

    Sometimes those of us who are clued in about certain subjects may be surprised to discover that, for example, not everyone knows who the Kardashians are or how many inches of displacement the standard V6 for the 1962 Buick Special turned .

  • New ‘Pete’s Dragon’ has little to recommend it

    Hollywood does a much better job of merging animation and live action than it did in 1977. That’s the year Mickey Rooney, Helen Reddy, Red Buttons, Jim Dale, Shelley Winters, Jane Kean, Jim Backus (!), Jeff Conaway, and Charlie Callas starred .

  • New film ‘Suicide Squad’ doesn’t have much of a story

    There is some controversy surrounding the new, fairly big-budget comic book movie “Suicide Squad.” This was going to happen. We seem to have reached the stall point in the arc of enthusiasm for each new super-hero picture. Now it isn’.

  • If you can believe it, new movie ‘Nine Lives’ is fun

    One of the summer’s happier cinematic surprises is Barry Sonnenfeld’s “Nine Lives.” It depends on a weak and tired movie premise that one associates with “The Shaggy Dog”—a human’s consciousness is housed temporarily in the body .


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