• A father’s death leads to a son’s revenge

    In 1988, Gideon Crew was an average 12-year-old living in Washington, D.C. One day he is being driven home by his mother after a tennis lesson when motorcycle cops pull alongside their car and instruct them, “Follow us now.” When .

  • Sharpshooter extraordinaire

    AMERICAN SNIPER: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF THE MOST LETHAL SNIPER IN U.S. MILITARY HISTORY. Chris Kyle with Scott McEwen and Jim DeFelice. New York: William Morrow, HarperCollins Publisher. 2012. 381 pp. $26.99 hard cover. “Fallujah was bad. Ramadi was worse. Sadr City was .

  • Spring fever? The library has your cure

    There’s no Breaking this Spring at Manhattan Public Library! While there are no regular storytimes this week, several events have been planned for all ages to help keep the family occupied while school is out. Events begin this afternoon .

  • Fighting fire with PCs

    INTEL WARS: THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE FIGHT AGAINST TERROR. Matthew M. Aid. New York: Bloomsbury Press. 2012. 252 pp. $28.00 hard cover. “Parallel to the American military’s efforts, the U.S. intelligence community has been engaged in a twilight struggle across .

  • An 18th dynasty quest

    “Egypt” is a tale set late in Thebes in the 18th dynasty, shortly after Tutankhamun, the “Boy Pharaoh,” died in 1323 B.C. His widow, Ankhesenamun, had to marry to keep the throne, and settled on an aging member of the .

  • A man survives unwanted media attention after Sept. 11 attacks

    RELUCTANT HERO Michael Benfante and Dave Hollander Skyhorse Publishing, 2011 223 pages, $24.95 “Reluctant Hero” is the story of Michael Benfante, a survivor of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. His story is a chilling account of not only what he saw .

  • Your friends make you

    If people are removed from each other by only a few degrees of separation, then what does it mean when a person is associated with criminals? Gangsters? Pornographers? In the context of a social life, how should a person’s .

  • Poet set to speak at Kansas State

    NARRATIVE OF THE LIFE OF THE BROWN BOY AND THE WHITE MAN, Ronaldo V. Wilson $14 Ronaldo Wilson’s collection of poems “Narrative of the Life of the Brown Boy and the White Man,” published by the University of Pittsburg Press .

  • Custer author to hold book signing

    George Armstrong Custer is one of the most iconic figures in the history of the American West. Colorful and controversial, he was brevetted a general at age 23, a Civil War hero, and dead on the plains of Montana at age 36. .

  • A local man’s view of the Nazi war trials

    SGT OF THE GUARD AT NUREMBERG, by Jim Sharp, Copyright 2012, Ag Press, publisher. This first person account of Mr. Sharp’s experiences as a Sgt. of the Guard at the Nuremberg trials of the Nazi war criminals is an excellent .

  • The rise of going green

    “If the environmental footprint of the average suburban home is a size 15 hiking boot, the environmental footprint of a New York apartment is a stiletto-heel size 6 Jimmy Choo.” — Edward Glaeser Suggest a “green” home, and many people may imagine an .

  • Same story, different cover Emilyn.linden

    It’s a popular belief that there are no new stories, only different ways of telling them. And sometimes that isn’t such a bad thing. The old myths and fairy tales became popular for a reason. They are stories .


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