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  • Books | October 21, 2012

    Romancing Deep Creek, Manhattan without a compass in 1880s


    Donna Mabry’s “Pillsbury Crossing” is a historical romance which tells of Emma’s adjusting to a new place and way of life, and of her growing to young adulthood. The story opens dramatically with Emma, a 9-year-old recently orphaned, stomping angrily out of her

  • Books | October 14, 2012

    Escaping the entanglements of technology in nature

    Book natureprinciple.phatch

    I wish Richard Louv was running for President of the United States. Maybe, if he were to be elected, the author would show us just how much we need a high dose of vitamin “N.” In this case, vitamin “N” represents Nature. Without vitamin “N”

  • Books | October 14, 2012

    Mourning the loss of an era, culture and people of rural U.S.

    Book times shadow.phatch

    In “Time’s Shadow,” Arnold J. Bauer has primarily written a memoir about growing up on a family farm in Goshen Township in Clay county, Kansas, during the 1930s and ’40s, but the book captures the profound changes that took place in those decades throughout

  • Books | October 14, 2012

    Feeling the passion, power of fire on the burning prairie

    Fire and form cover.phatch

    The underappreciated splendor of Konza Prairie familiar to many Riley county residents provides artistic inspiration for Edward Sturr’s new book of photographs, “Fire and Form on the Konza Prairie.” Established in 1971 through the efforts of visionaries such as Professor Lloyd Hulbert of Kansas State

  • Books | October 14, 2012

    Manhattan library offers a variety of alternative cookbooks

    Eat your vegetables if you want to grow big and strong, at least that’s what our parents and teachers have always told us. Remember: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Our entire lives we’ve been told to eat right to feel

  • Books | October 07, 2012

    Transcending space, time through the eyes of nature

    Book cover horizon.phatch

    “Horizon’s Lens” is a book about nature, but more importantly, it is about the human effort to mark our kind’s place in space and time. The exploration begins with a cover design that reflects the spinning of worlds, of suns, of galaxies and

  • Books | October 07, 2012

    Super spies, stealth jets bring U.S. to brink of war with China

    Red cell.phatch

    Good fiction doesn’t seem made up. It seems real. “Red Cell” is an intriguing espionage novel, but the Red Cell within the CIA is real enough. The author, Mark Henshaw, spent three years in the Red Cell, which consists of a contingent of experts

  • Books | October 07, 2012

    Library upgrades technologies with final grant installment

    Manhattan Public Library’s Assistive Technology Center is the recipient of a $2,500 matching grant from Pilot International Foundation and the Little Apple Pilot Club.  This is the third and final year of this grant.  The grant has enabled the library to upgrade the

  • Books | September 30, 2012

    Teenager finds others share supernatural powers


    “Michael Vey” is an enjoyable young-adult novel that calls to mind the popular television series “Heroes.” The protagonist, Michael Vey, appears to be an average 14-year-old, although he has Tourette syndrome. That, however, is enough to get him bullied at his high school in Idaho

  • Books | September 30, 2012

    England outsmarts Germany through false information


    If you are a leader or decision-maker, you are only as good as the information you have to work with.  In times of war, information about the enemy’s troops, disposition, supplies, and other considerations—“military intelligence”— is essential to your planning strategy. Hence

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