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  • Books | May 05, 2013

    Basketball serves as outlet, escape for friends in ‘Boy21’

    It’s hard to feel any degree of self-worth, to set goals and be happy in a town where dope dealers have the upper hand, prostitutes walk the streets, poverty lurks everywhere and the mob has the authority to either spare a life or end

  • Books | May 05, 2013

    ‘Shadow of Freedom’ latest in futuristic series

    “Shadow of Freedom” is the latest installment in a series begun by science-fiction writer David Weber in 1993. The novels take place 2,000 years in the future when a diaspora from Earth has led to the colonization of more than a 1,000 planets and the founding of numerous “

  • Books | May 05, 2013

    Book describes conflicts between Apaches and U.S. Army

    William S. Kiser has written a fine scholarly account of the conflicts between the Apaches of southern New Mexico and the U.S. Army in the pre-civil war period. The U.S. acquired the area as an outcome of the Mexican-American War. While the Apaches

  • Books | May 05, 2013

    Character returns to solve bingo-night burglaries in resort town

    In “The Skeleton Box,” author Bryan Gruley returns for a third mystery set in Starvation Lake, a small, faded resort town at the northern end of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. Recurring protagonist, Gus Carpenter, editor of the local paper, the Pine County Pilot, runs a

  • Books | April 28, 2013

    Man’s release from mental facility gives him a fresh start

    Pat is a likeable 34-year-old just released from a mental institution whose entire goal is to win back his wife, Nikki. But just as football plays don’t always go the way the X’s and O’s are drawn up, Pat’s playbook has

  • Books | April 28, 2013

    Celebrate National Hamburger Month with these cookbooks


    I had to laugh when I found out that May is National Hamburger Month. However, when you think about the role the hamburger has played in American culture and cuisine, maybe it should be recognized on the calendar. If you are interested in knowing more

  • Books | April 20, 2013

    ‘Uncovering History’ takes a look at the infamous Battle of Little Bighorn

    O-uncovering history.phatch

    What actually happened at Battle of the Little Bighorn on June 25-26 in 1876? A lot of people, both warrior and soldier died in battle. Beyond that, we are not so sure, even though authors over the years have published hundreds, perhaps thousands, of books, monographs

  • Books | April 20, 2013

    Rolling Stones book tackles new band topics

    C-the rolling stones.phatch

    If the headline from a recent article published in “The Wichita Eagle” could speak, it would project the tone of proud, boasting parents: “Rolling Stones to tour (and why you should care).” The multitude of Rolling Stones’ fans have shown just how much they care

  • Books | April 20, 2013

    Poetry: the underestimated summer feel-good read


    I recently had a perfect moment. How often do we get to say that? As I was riding my bike down linear park surrounded by my family, with the sun on my face, I wished I could capture the moment, to acknowledge the wonder of

  • Books | April 20, 2013

    Mystery, murder and war go hand in hand in Flynn’s latest

    Mitch Rapp is one of those individuals who’s a great friend and a worse enemy. He’s CIA, the kind of agent who is sent on missions no one else can handle. In “The Last Man,” his mission is to find out who kidnapped

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