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  • Books | November 11, 2012

    Politicians should heed advice on problem solving: a third alternative

    The 3rd alternative.phatch

    If leaders of the world could follow the third alternative, there would be no more wars. Every problem would not be our way or your way, but a win-win. Stephen Covey, founder of Franklin Covey — a leading global educational and training firm in 147 countries— said

  • Books | November 03, 2012

    Secret pregnancy ousted when daughter shows up

    “Where We Belong” is a heartwarming novel about people finding their true paths in life. Marian Caldwell,  36, lives in New York City and is a producer for a popular TV show. She has a dream job and a handsome, wealthy boyfriend of two years,

  • Books | November 03, 2012

    Sexually, psychologically dysfunctional thriller

    I spotted the book on a spin-a-rack in a bookstore. Normally, I refuse to select books that have corny titles or remind me of a poorly-produced and directed B-grade flick. It just somehow stuck out among some of the other soft covers that I twirled

  • Books | October 28, 2012

    A noteworthy murder mystery within a lost cloister

    The beautiful mystery.phatch

    Put yourself in the monastery of Saint-Gilbert-Entreles-Loups. It’s existed in near anonymity for hundreds of years —the home of what remains of the Gilbertine order, which fled the Inquisition and ended up in the New World, deep in the Quebec woods (Saint-Gilbert-Entreles-Loups means Saint

  • Books | October 28, 2012

    There’s no place like Kansas to a native Kansan

    Book fall of alice.phatch

    Tracy Seeley, former English professor at Yale writes brilliantly about detailed memories of Kansas from an early age. These include rich descriptions of places where she lived, relationships and people who shaped her life. She is excellent at research, places, events and people. However, in

  • Books | October 28, 2012

    A look at fascinating biographies, stories about women

    I’m a pretty eclectic reader overall with interests that bounce around through much of the Dewey Decimal system and make forays into all sorts of fiction. But an ongoing and constant reading interest of mine is books about women’s lives, which have fascinated

  • Books | October 21, 2012

    Tales of spooky spirits haunting college campuses

    Haunted univercity.phatch

    This collection of ghost stories based around university campuses will almost certainly bolster the beliefs of those who accept the paranormal, especially ghosts. For others, who aren’t open to beliefs in ghosts and other paranormal activities as well as outright skeptics, Swayne’s work

  • Books | October 21, 2012

    Supermom saves the day for family, country

    An unexpected guest.phatch

    If you have ever wondered about the social responsibilities of diplomats’ wives, this is a novel that will give you a taste of their often chaotic lives. Claire Moorehouse, her husband, Edward, and her two teen-aged sons, live in Paris. Edward is second in rank

  • Books | October 21, 2012

    Spouting conservative ideologies though a liberal mouth


    The political thugs who, with the help of the media, have recently stolen the cherished and time-honored brand of “conservative” won’t read this recent book by noted progressive Russ Feingold, except perhaps on a dare.  Since most of them, it seems from their

  • Books | October 21, 2012

    Campaign trail leaves an imprint on the young and old


    As expected, a flood of presidential-themed children’s books came out this fall.  Here are some fun books that allow kids to take a more light-hearted approach to learning about our presidents and the election process: “Bad Kitty for President” by Nick Bruel makes

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