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  • Books | March 17, 2013

    The Queen has quite the journey once she leaves her palace wearing a hoodie

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    A common plot in today’s successful novels portrays a graying woman who wakes up and walks away from a life of supposed satisfaction. Often the impetus is divorce, life-changing illness, challenges by adult children or loss of intimacy, job or relevance. Unexpectedly a protagonist

  • Books | March 17, 2013

    The U.S. Constitution from a libertarian view

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    At the heart of Andrew Napolitano’s latest book, “Theodore and Woodrow,” is the question of how the U.S. Constitution is to be interpreted. Is it to be taken in the sense in which it was written in 1787, together with the first ten amendments,

  • Books | March 17, 2013

    Tips on how to spend your spring break nerd-style


    For those of you lucky enough to get a few days off from work or school, spring break is a great time to relax with a stack of books or have a movie marathon. Why not celebrate your inner nerd by focusing on techie books

  • Books | March 17, 2013

    Krauss tackles how we got here and where we’re going

    Can something be created from nothing? The author boldly titles his book “A Universe from Nothing” where the first law of dynamics states energy and matter cannot be created or destroyed. This begs the question. If our spirit contains something, what happens to it at

  • Books | March 17, 2013

    ‘Giving 2.0’ discusses the options of philanthropy and local involvement

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    A friend of mine contacted me recently, wanting to know the steps she needed to take to begin fundraising efforts for a relative who is wheel chair bound and struggles daily to care for her two children. Her boy suffers from muscular dystrophy and her

  • Books | March 10, 2013

    Much can be learned about people’s health from focusing on the health of animals


    For most of us, a trip to the veterinarian’s office and a doctor’s appointment are regarded as two unrelated experiences, just as we assume our health has no relation to the animals we visit at Sunset Zoo. “Zoobiquity” however, challenges the notion of

  • Books | March 10, 2013

    Is marriage about true love, money or both?

    Caroline Maxwell is a young American heiress in the 1890s who “needs” a husband. Her parents, especially her mother, are setting up social events to introduce Caroline to suitable men. Caroline enjoys a life of luxury, living in a home with 60 rooms and many servants

  • Books | March 10, 2013

    Sometimes the how is more interesting than the what


    Living in the information age has made most of us want to know more. “An Uncommon History of Common Things” by Bethanne Patrick and John Thompson is packed with tons of little known facts concerning all areas of life. With the World Wide Web, we

  • Books | March 10, 2013

    The Book of Revelations, still controversial hundreds of years later


    In the past 100-years achievements in science dwarf the entirety of accumulated knowledge during the previous thousands of years of human existence.  Relativity, quantum mechanics, galaxies, nuclear energy and subatomic particles are but a few of the discoveries that have transformed our understanding of

  • Books | March 10, 2013

    Cheyenne history is told in a new way in ‘Northern Cheyenne Exodus’

    Kansans will find “The Northern Cheyenne Exodus In History and Memory” an outstanding book and an excellent account of one of the most significant events in the state’s history. It documents the flight of a group of Northern Cheyenne led by Dull Knife and

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