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  • Books | September 22, 2013

    Former member of Congress tries to find common ground

    This important book was written by Olympia Snowe, former US Senator (1995-2013), representative (1979-95), and Maine state legislator (1973-79).  Snowe was for many years one of the dying breed of moderate Northeastern Republicans who regularly worked for compromise with Democrats.  She chose not to run

  • Books | September 22, 2013

    Exploring the growth of Earth Day

    The title seems at first exaggerated but the author quickly makes good on that premise and not just to my satisfaction. The New Yorker review by Nicholas Lehman ran three glowing pages (April 15,2013) and Michael Kazin is quoted on the book jacket: “Adam Rome has

  • Books | September 22, 2013

    Burglary and kidnapping in Bruges

    If you’re not familiar with Pieter Aspe, you’re not alone. He’s Belgian, lives in Bruges and writes in Flemish. Some of his novels, including “The Square of Revenge,” feature Pieter Van In, a divorced 40ish deputy police commissioner who also is a

  • Books | September 22, 2013

    Six simple skills can improve children’s early literacy


    Everyone knows that libraries have storytimes so young children can hear good stories read aloud.  People who have attended storytimes know that, in addition to stories, children will learn action rhymes, songs and even dance moves. It is all great fun and leads to

  • Books | September 22, 2013

    Author tells suspenseful tale of a man searching for lost love

    Several supporters of the Harlan Coben mystery fan club have been giving me demerits simply for my asking, “Who in the world is Harlan Coben?” Some remain speechless, while a few attack me with words that sting and chill, making me feel as if I

  • Books | September 14, 2013

    Author blends genres to paint literary picture of Haiti

    Roxane Gay’s collection Ayiti is a blend of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. While the poems and stories vary widely in genre and scope, they are all linked through their characters’ unyielding longing for satisfaction. They seek that satisfaction through sex, rum, zombie arts, a

  • Books | September 14, 2013

    Paradise might not be so perfect

    Be careful next time you choose to live the life of wealth, luxury and perfection on an island like “Demesne.” Demesne is the futuristic location featured in “BETA,” the first of four installations which is almost ‘perfectly’ presented by author Rachel Cohn.Cohn is no

  • Books | September 14, 2013

    Government threatened by ‘Brilliance’

    Sometimes you pick up a book on a hunch, or curiosity, without knowing what it’s about. So it was with “Brilliance.” There was no synopsis of the story. All that was on the back cover were cryptic reviews, good ones. “A brilliant writer,” said

  • Books | September 14, 2013

    Literature honors history of U.S. Constitution


    An important document in our nation’s history is having its 226th birthday this year. The supreme law of the land was adopted on September 17, 1787, and ratified on March 4, 1789. The United States Constitution has endured through flush times and recessions, through times of dynamic expansion

  • Books | September 14, 2013

    Life after Harry: Rowling expands her identity in the world of fiction

    This much-anticipated first post-Harry Potter “adult” novel by JK Rowling tells the interwoven stories of multiple characters in the small town of Pagford, England. After a member of the town council dies suddenly and unexpectedly in his early forties, this “casual vacancy,” as such an

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