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Frequently Asked Questions:

Customer Care

Can I buy old copies of the paper?
Can I just get the coupons or ads from the paper?
How can I pay my bill?
How do I find out who my carrier is?
How do I have my paper held while I’m gone?
How do I sign up for a paper route?
How do I subscribe to the online paper?
How do I subscribe to the paper?
How much is a subscription to the paper?
I already receive the paper at home. How can I subscribe to the online paper?
I didn’t receive my paper. How do I get a new copy?
I didn’t receive some of the ads. How do I get copies of them?
I’m going to be out of town for a while. How can I still receive my paper?
Why can’t my paper be delivered to the porch?
What are your hours?
Where can I buy a copy of the paper?
What can I do if I’ve lost my password?
Trouble logging in now that we’ve upgraded our site?

The Newsroom

What is involved in getting a notice into the paper?
Why does The Mercury charge for access to content on its website?
But I just want to read the obituary of my Aunt Mary. Why can’t I access that for free?
I dont want my divorce published in the paper. Can I keep it out?
Can I keep my name or age or address out of the paper?
I got arrested for DUI. Can I keep my name out of the paper?
Why do you publish arrests anyway?
How do you decide what’s newsworthy?
Can I write up my own news story or take my own pictures and submit them?
I have an event that I would like to see the Mercury cover. How do I make that happen?
I have a story idea I’d like to pitch to the newsroom.
Can I get an announcement in the paper on a particular day or run an announcement several days?
How much does it cost to get our writeup in the paper?
What’s the charge to put additional information in obituaries Why do you charge for that?
I would like to submit my wedding or engagement announcement to the paper. How do I do that?
What’s the best way to send something to the Mercury?
Is there a good time to call?
Who owns The Mercury?
Why are there so many mistakes typos etc. in the Mercury Don’t you edit the paper before you print it?
I’d like to submit a letter to the editor. Why do you have to include my street address?
Who writes the stories in the paper that don’t have bylines?
Why is the Mercury so liberal?
Why is the Mercury so conservative?
Why is the Mercury so pro business Why is the Mercury so anti business?
Who decides the Mercury’s endorsements and editorial positions?
Why do you charge people to run their letters to the editor that endorse political candidates or ballot issues?
Obituary policy.


What is the deadline for display ads?
What is the deadline for classified display ads?
What is the difference between display ads and classified display ads?
What is the best day to run my display ad?

Forms to download and print
-EZPay form
-Engagement announcement
-Wedding announcement
-Anniversary announcement
-Birthday announcement
-Obituary form

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