Big game…
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Big game coming up and all i hear are crickets!

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The piddling of participation on this new board has seen much more posting re politics than sports.  And, the football team is “blessed” with two degrees of fans.  You have a large number of folks who jumped on the bandwagon when there were rumors of playing for a national championship.  The loss to Baylor saw those ‘fair weather fans’ go back to their focus on work and family.  They disposed of the purple for the old wife-beater shirts and mustard stained jean shorts… wondering what ever possessed them to spend the $300 on a KSU tattoo on the back of their neck.  (And, that’s just the female fans!)

You also had the long-time, dyed in the wool Wildcat fan.  The Baylor loss left them with only dreams about what could have been.  In August, the bulk of these fans would have been estatic had someone suggested this could be a 10-2 season.  Now, they do understand a stellar season will be totally judged by the outcome of one last Big 12 game.  Either they to 10-2 and to a bottom dweller bowl game.  Or, they had Texas their backsides… win the Big 12… and go to a respectable bowl.

This season will not be remembered for the 11-1 or 10-2 record.  This season will be remembered as the season Snyder I retired… again… and Snyder II is installed as the Second Coming.  The Mercury front page article of a couple weeks ago pretty well painted that picture.  Snyder will retire if… IF the AD will had the reins to the son.  If the AD balks… the AD will be looking for work within the next year and we will see the transition once a new AD is hired.

No matter the outcome of Saturday’s game, the morning will dawn on Sunday.  Life will go on.  The important thing in life will still remain important.  Those who elevate a game played by over-hyped college kids to near religious standing will ponder the season of hob-knobbing with social elites at tailgating functions or in the fancy box seats.  Some will immediately begin prognosticating about next year.  Others will return to reality.

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Just not a lot of participation Klone.  I don’t mind talking about and posting about the Kats but discussions between 3-5 people of which maybe 2 are consistent posters doesn’t lead to a very interesting conversion.

Larry I do not know of the article you speak of, but I know the writing has been on the wall that Snyder is pushing to install his son as his successor!  I can’t imagine that will go well with any KSU fan and I don’t see the AD being on board with it as well!

Win we go to the fiesta bowl, lose and I imagine we go to the cotton bowl.  Both would be a let down after the excitement from a few weeks ago, but after getting blown out by the 8th ranked team in the conference you have to be happy with anything you can get!

Sending 90% of our teams to a bowl game is a pretty good achievement as no other conference will be sending more than 60%.  If KSU wins we could potentially send 2 teams to a BCS game which will be on par with the SEC, and a million times better than the Big East which technically doesn’t even have any team qualifying for a bowl!

Klone I would speak to the game but I really have no idea who is and isn’t banged up and hurt at this point.  KSU comes out and runs the ball like they did earlier in the year and they run away with it.  Try to throw it every down like the Baylor game and it will be ugly!

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chirp chirp


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