Why the President won re-election
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Already, we are hearing shouts of dispair from those who worked hard to defeat the President in his bid for re-election.  Whether we hold with the results of the election or not, why did it go this way?  Was it simply a white vs. minority vote?  Was it simply a union vs. right-to-work vote?  Was it simply a gender vote?  Was it simply the “47%” who carried the water for the President? 

Each of the above may have been contributory.  However, I do not believe any of those were the reason the history books will record eight years of this Presidency rather than four years.

I honestly believe the Democratic Party did NOT win this election.  The Republican Party lost this election.  The President did NOT have a glowing resume’ to present to the electorate as he campaigned for re-election.  Had the Republican Party offered a candidate… and campaigned on the positives of that candidate… they would have won by a landslide.  Instead, we as a society have lowered ourselves to personal attacks and inuendos rather than looking for positives.  From internet discussion boards to the election of a President we have lowered ourselves to a society of savages.  It is much easier to point out the negatives that to work toward solutions. 

Benghazi??  Why did that not get traction?  The media… the internet… the e-mal boxes have been inundated for four years with topics of Kenyan birth to the President personally removing Bibles from military hospitals to membership in the Communist Party to the implementation of Sharia Law.  Benghazi was just another series of e-mails… another dozen threads on internet discussion boards.  The people are sick and tired of being lambasted with internet myths and a constant and consistent hate of a duly elected leader of the Nation.  This campaign was NOT EVER about the positives of a Romney or a Gingrich or a Santorum or any Republican candidate.  It was extremley late in the campaign before the Romney staff even began offering what he could accomplish as President other than “I’m not Obama!”.  At last night’s Romney campaign headquarters a video of the positive impact Romney could have on the Nation played.  That video was supposed to be shown at the Republican National Convention.  Due to time constraints, the positive video was pre-empted for the negative “empty chair” speech by Eastwood.  Again, accentuate the negative!!  And, what did it accomplish??  Four more years of a less than stellar President.

Are we Americans first?  Or, are we the purveyors of negativity… determined to never work with those who might have different ideas and different solutions for the future of the Country?  Are we going to continue championing a Congress that will increase partisanship rather than solve issues?  Will we continue to make heroes out of the negative pundits of Fox News and right wing pundits who tear down the President rather than turn them off, get off our couches, and work towards bring neighbors together no matter what political bent or religious affiliation? 

Our Country was built by a diverse people, pooling ideas and ideals for a common good.  The representative democracy has lived a long life and has blessed many generations, ours included, with much to be thankful for.  Let’s put aside the demonization of left or right, liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat and come together as Americans.  We have lots on our plate.  We simply cannot meet the challenges our Country faces, and successfully solve those issues, divided. 

Negativity… hate… lack of willingness to work together… that is why the President was successful in his bid for re-election.  Lessons can be learned from the experiences of this campaign cycle.  Let’s pressure our Congressional delegations to work together to solve the economic woes, even if it could be deemed a success for the opposing political party.  Let’s pressure our Congressional delegation to bring home our troops from a much too long conflict in Afghanistan, even if the ending of the war could be deemed a success for the opposing political party.  Let’s pressure our Congressional delegation to solve the deficit issues, the economic issues, the global issues by putting their heads together… not banging heads with the opposing political party just to appease large campaign contributors.

The election is decided.  Let’s move forward as Americans FIRST.  May God bless America!!!

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Excellent statement!


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