More benefits to living in Brownbackistan!!!
Posted: 13 May 2014 08:05 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Well, if Brownie and Kochback have their way, sounds like the cost to taxpayers to hold elections will skyrocket.  They want two sets of ballots and two sets of voter registration cards.  You will have one ballot for candidates running for office in D.C. and another ballot for local and state elections.  Then, you will need one voter registration for the federal elections and one for local/state elections. 
The cost of printing additional ballots, or programming voting machines, to accomodate an entire menu of voters is ridiculous.  And, you’re telling me that there won’t be significant mixups as to who is registered to vote for which candicates? 
Did Kochbach ever actually find any voter fraud in Kansas?  How many hundreds of votes were cast illegally, that this new double registration requirement will correct?  Ummm… maybe zero!!!  How many tax dollars have we spent to kick sand in the face of the feds just to placate the Tea Party?


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