“Party of NO!”... or Party of None????
Posted: 16 January 2014 12:28 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Sheesh!  Huelskamp is a total and complete embarrassment.  His antics even got him booted off important committees in D.C. by his own party’s leadership.  Yesterday, the omimbus bill that provided funding for Manhattan’s NBAF got his “NO!” vote.  He’s beyond Tea Party.  He’s nothing but an obstructionist.  Oh, wait a minute.  He and his family have collected millions in farm subsidies.  Yet, if a bill… any bill would offer a glimpse of bipartisanship, he will do his best to obstruct.

So, we have the former Manhattan City Commissioner and Mayor running against Huelskamp… Sherow.  Talk about the pendelum swinging from hard right to hard left.  A young flat-belly trying to hit a golf ball 300 yards wouldn’t swing that hard.  Sherow is just as far left as Huelskamp is right.  Neither one could be considered “moderate”.  Both have their idealogies.  Sherow will run on the Democratic Party ticket.  The chance of a Democrat getting elected in Kansas is about as slim winning Powerball. 

Given the two, even with as much as I disagreed with Sherow when he was a local elected official, I’d still have to give him the nod over Huelskamp.  At least he’d do what he thinks is best for Manhattan, even if his votes were polar opposite of my feelings on an issue.  Huelskamp, OTOH, is a one-trick pony and needs to be ushered out of the office where he has done nothing but spit in the face of this constituency.


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