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Everyone running for office in November is talking about jobs… the economy.  We are going to vote to levy another 1/2 sales tax to “create jobs”.  Brownie is cutting everyone’s taxes, cutting education funds, cutting social services… saying Kansas needs jobs and a lower tax rate will attract employers.

Kansas and the Manhattan area unemployment figures were just released.  Kansas numbers are right at 5% unemployment.  Manhattan is at 3.8%.  How many more employers will even look at Manhattan is less than 4 out of every 100 citizens are looking for work?  What is considered “employment saturation”.  We have to be close….

With the escalating number of drug arrests in Manhattan, at least 1 out of those 4 unemployed are making good money selling drugs.  Another 1 may be collecting unemployment but really doesn’t want a job.  He/she will find some reason he/she doesn’t want a job that is offered so he/she can continue “rocking chair pay”.  The other two can’t hold jobs because they won’t show up on time or won’t show up sober or can’t read, write, or speak English.  In other words, why are we sacrificing quality of life… why are we sacrificing the education of our children in the name of “jobs”????

Construction at NBAF will escalate and will require more workers.  KSU has an increasing enrollment which will require more support staff.  More banks and convenience stores are under construction and will need employees.  What am I not understanding?  Why are we being constantly told how bad the unemployment is and are continually being asked to make financial sacrifices to promote job growth??????


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