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(Manhattan) Riley County Commissioners announced, Monday, the Riley County 4-H Fair would be moving to Leonardville, Kansas for the 2014 Fair Season.  The City of Manhattan had requested the move take place for the 2013 season.  County 4-H personnel could not effect the move until 2014.
The City of Manhattan said the Fair was becoming a hazard to the residents of the Community and could no longer support the CiCo Park location.  A number of compliants had been lodged with Code Enforcement and the Riley County Police Department.  Residents of Grand Mere, just to the north of CiCo Park complained they could smell manure each time the wind was out of a southerly direction.  Those residents have never believed their own poop stinks and should not have to put up with the offensive animal odors.  Manhattan Code Enforcement officials had sought permission to cite horse trailer owners for contamination of trafficways near most every stoplight in the CiCo Park area.  Local Fire Department personnel assisted in washdown as bovine bladders were drained on Kimball Avenue.  “The cost of supporting this enterprise has grown entirely too quickly”, a Manhattan City Commissioner explained.  “We can legitimize the events like Faux Patty’s Day due to the huge profits reported by Aggieville bars.  The 4-H Fair is attended by rural families and their youth and our local taverns are not benefitted from near the traffice of Faux Patty’s Day or Country Stampede.” 
Two conservative Manhattan City Commissioners, attending the Fair, say they witnessed two young heifers “getting friendly” and fear open displays like this will only renew efforts to pass another LGBT ordinance.  Representative of Awaken Manhattan picketed the animal pens, demanding a City Ordinance requiring horses and cattle of the same gender be housed in separate pens.
Local hoteliers also complained that too many people were occupying horse trailers equipped with sleepers.  “These sleeper equipped trailers are stealing business from our facilities!”  The Manahttan Area Chamber of Commerce agrees and will be asking the Manhattan City Commission to require Certificates of Occupancy on each trailer that is occupied by a sleeping cowboy.
The Community of Leonardville welcomes the idea that the 4-H Fair may become an annual event in their city.  A Leonardville resident, a Mr. Hadley, is the lone voice of dissent.  “I need to be in bed by 7 p.m. each and every night!  The carnival will need to be shut down by 6 p.m. at the latest so I can get my rest!”  Mr. Hadley will announce his candidacy for Mayor of Leonardville.  He wants livestock judging to begin sharply at 4 a.m. each morning and the rodeo to be a morning event. 
A Manhattan City Commissioner did make a public statement that “No social service organizations will have budget cuts due to the 4-H Fair leaving Manhattan.”  SSAB breathed a sigh of relief.

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In spite of the tongue in cheek.  I suspect some of what you wrote is absolutely true. Cico Park smells bad even when there is no fair or rodeo. People have sales in those barns from time to time and the stench almost knocks me down.
I suspect those farm people would not mind beginning at 4AM. Just you city folks that are too lazy to get up before 9.


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