As it turns out College Football Playoff may not be BIGGEST thing happenign in 2014-2015
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If you have been listening the the Conference Commissioners of the Power 5 conferences this week you have probably heard the Power 5 Conference Commissioners sounding the death knell of the FBS as we know it.

The schools who have big money and would like to pay stipends to players cannot do so, under the current NCAA rules this would have to be approved by a majority of NCAA schools.  The Power 5 may have the power in big money football but they are still a voting minority in all things NCAA.

Within the next year that will most likely change.  Currently there are two solutions the Power 5 have in mind to work within the NCAA frame work:

(1) A new Division (D4)


(2) A new Sub Division (no names floating around… but it could easily be the College Football Playoff Subdivision)

Should the little people (have nots, Mid Majors) stand in the way of either of these scenarios being put into place by the Power 5, there is a last resort scenario.

The Power 5 removing themselves entirely from the NCAA and forming their own Association with no ties to the NCAA.

Regardless of which of the 3 scenarios come to pass (and one of them most surely will) the changes will likely be in place by July 1 2014.

Consequently there will likely be very significant scheduling restrictions on all Power 5 teams and they will likely have no teams outside the power 5 on their football schedules, as one possibility and no FCS teams as another.

So who will be the new cream puffs for out of conference scheduling?

Cellar Dwellers in all 5 (power 5)  conferences from last year:

Wake Forrest 5-7
Utah           5-7
Missouri           5-7
Tennessee 5-7
Maryland           4-8
Virginia         4-8
Iowa         4-8
Indiana         4-8
Arkansas         4-8
Cal         3-9
Washington State 3-9
Auburn           3-9
Boston College 2-10
Illinois         2-10
Kentucky         2-10
Kansas         1-11
Colorado         1-11

There will no doubt be some mid majors clawing kicking and screaming trying to get into the Power 5 before the deed is done.

The carnage of next spring will probably be quicker and more far reaching than all conference realignment moves combined to date.

The most obvious questions will be WHEN this move takes place will BYU, Boise State, Cincinnatti, be in or will they be OUT.

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Should the Power 5 create a new subdivision within D1 they may very well replace FCS “Guarantee Games” with “FBS Gurantee Games”  if they do not allow FCS opponents on the schedules. 

K State has only 3 FCS games on its future calendar so far (after 3013) which may have to be canceled if the Power 5 separate from the FBS.

2014 Stephen F. Austin
2015 South Dakota State
2017 Central Arkansas

re: 2016 vs Charlotte, Charlotte is scheduled to move up to FBS in 2015

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Dennis Dodd CBS Sports wrote an interesting article on D4.

One of the more interesting concepts emerging was touched on By Bob Bowlsby.  Bowlsby said. “And I think the fact is we’ve made it too easy to get into Division I and too easy to stay there.”

Well how would D4 address that issue.  I’m guessing they will have a maintenance clause that requires certification that member schools will meet all of the membership criteria on an annual basis.  If your school does not meet that criteria, by rule your school will be de-certified and no longer eligible to participate in D4 until such time as you are invited back in and can demonstrate an ability to meet all membership criteria. The most obvious criteria currently being discussed is paying a stipend to scholarship athletes proportionate to the scholarship.  A full ride scholarship stipend would be 100% cost of education or in other words whatever the scholarship does not pay the stipend covers the rest.  A 50% scholarship similarly would pay 50% of the full cost of education above what the scholarship does not pay.  (this is just one idea being floated around about how stipends should be paid when they are implemented.  My guess probably in 2014-2015 or 2015-2016.

As everyone probably knows the people driving this bus are the BCS Commissioners.  So don’t look for them to establish criteria that are aimed at moving non performers (on the field) out of D4.  The Power 5 Cellar Dwellers are not an endangered species.  Think of the D4 Membership Criteria not as Competition Rules but as Country Club rules, then you will have a better understanding (I believe) of what Bowlsby’s read between the lines comment “And I think the fact is we’ve made it too easy to get into Division I and too easy to stay there.”  really mean.

Those Schools who are currently in the Power 5 but may not be competitive on the field, well they still have over $20 Million in annual football revenue coming even if they never win a game.  Don’t look for membership criteria to penalize teams for failure to win.


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