This Darned Cat
Posted: 17 June 2013 09:10 AM   [ Ignore ]
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I have a new cat who invited himself into the house.  This is not a normal cat.  I tried clapping my hands…no response. I tried the squirt bottle, and he rolled over on his back wanting more squirts of water.
Finally, I pulled out the big gun…the vacuum cleaner.  He just sat and stared at it while the other cats fled in a panic. He is also a self-healing cat.  When he was a kitten, he was blind in one eye and had no use of one of his back legs…now, all of his legs work fine and he has both eyes.  He won’t eat the food outdoors, even though it is the same as the indoor kitties food.  There might be a book here…something similar to Cujo…He is perfectly affectionate, but my indoor kitties are afraid of him.  Kitty Twin I smacks him and hisses, but the other two run away.
My thought is that his mother told him to try and be an indoor cat and he is working on it. He even used the electric litter box, presumably to show me that he would be a good indoor cat.


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