Deleware…. In Kansas???
Posted: 25 March 2013 04:58 PM   [ Ignore ]
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So, a tribe of Indians… the Deleware tribe… are considering relocating to Kansas.  Sounds like they are looking at the Leavenworth area.  Interesting….

With the Chiefs already in Kansas City, someone probably thought there were ‘too many chiefs and not enough indians’ so they decided to import some.  Woops!  Guess we can’t “import” Native Americans, can we.  Can we get the Deleware Tribe to relocate to Manhattan?  We already have the “Blue Earth Plaza”.  Could they erect teepees in that area?  We have lots of buffalo in this general area, with the herds at Ft. Riley.  They’d feel right at home.

The City wants to give a few hundred thousand dollars to a company wanting to manufacture glutin free snacks.  We could probably pay the Deleware Tribe half that and they would move here.  The news release says they might consider a casino.  There’s the entertainment venue for the South end!!!  The Tribe would probably build the casino with their own money, put in a “gummers” restaurant to accomodate all us old folk without any teeth left, and be a bigger draw to the community than any Weed Museum. 

Might be confusing, though.  We would have the Manhattan Indians and the Manhattan Indians.  One would be a high school sports team and the other a casino operation.  Deleware Street is really close to Manhattan High.  Hmmm… Have the Deleware Tribe build their new headquarters on Deleware Street.  Now you’d have the Manhattan Deleware Indians on Deleware, just a couple blocks east of the Manhattan Indians.


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