Whatever happened to good old ‘vigilante justice’?
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A 6-month old infant’s life taken at the hand of a 20 something year old…  People who have been restricted from their own apartments, due to an arson and homicide, return home to find their personal possessions have been stolen by theives…  How low can society sink???

Whatever happened to a “committee” of citizens spending an hour with these derelicts of society, convincing them they have made poor decisions… decisions that will result in extremely painful consequences!!??  I understand that we must allow the law enforcement and judicial system to handle these cases.  It just becomes more and more difficult to stomach pathetic examples of humanity get mere slaps on the wrists when they prey on those who cannot fight back.  RCPD seems to do a commendable job in apprehension of those who commit crimes in our community.  I just wish there were a more expedient and severe penalty phase.  The consequences meted out by our judicial system need to become more fitting to the crimes and less concerned with coddling of criminals.

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Now, Now Larry,
Let’s not be rash.  Where have you seen the courts being lenient?  They sent the Drake kid away for a long, long time.  The feds are considering the death penalty for the kid arsonists.
The problem with vigilante justice is that it does not consider the fact that some of these folks might be innocent.  Remember the “rapist” who was later found to be innocent and collected a bundle from the city?
Not a good idea.


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