Cats and candidates
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As most of you know, I have three cats…Caticus, Felinicus and Underfooticus.  They have distinct personalities just like the commission candidates.  Caticus is the eldest and he is generally a good boy…moderate in his behavior and opposed to being offensive in any way.  His sole fault is his need to be held every day.  He has round irises…like a puppy dog, and wants to be held on a 24/7 schedule.  If he would just sit in my lap, that wouldn’t be so bad, but he insists on climbing up my chest and putting his arms around my neck.
Felinicus is the quiet one…doesn’t like petting but has a definite agenda every day…and that is to run away.  We don’t know where she is headed, but she comes back in the evening.
Underfooticus is a trouble-maker.  She has evil cat eyes and refuses to be disciplined. One of her favorite tricks is to ravage the trunks of the Hibiscus.  I used the spray bottle.  That didn’t work, so I swatted her on the butt.  She simply gave me the evil eye and basically said “What’s your problem, pal?“She also plops down in the middle of doorways to obstruct movement.
Your challenge is to match the cats with the candidates


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