An Overview of FBS Conference Realignment
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I apologize in advance for outsourcing this graphic, but this new forum as wonderful as I’m sure we all agree it is….does not allow much flexibility in user formatting (Tables, images, etc…)

I am fascinated by the apparent never ending saga of conference realignment as pertains to FBS football, especially since we all had to go to the ER a couple of years ago not knowing The Big 12 was going to pull through…

While the future of the Big 12 seems to be solidly secured for the next 12 years, there is still plenty of “mayhem” occurring in the FBS.  While the Big 12, SEC, PAC 12 and MAC have no pending changes to their conference membership the Big 10, ACC, Big East, Conference USA, Mountain West, Sun Belt and Independents all will see new members while the WAC is going to be the first conference victim of realignment.

20% of the FBS Schools are playing musical chairs in the next 2 years.  While the SEC, ACC and Big 10 are all headed for 14 members one still has to wonder if/when realignment will once again get moved to the front burner in the Big 12.  If there is anything we have absolutely learned about conference realignment in the last 2 years is that it can be totally unpredictable in its next moves.

There is so much movement that even after you have read the 6 or 7 paragraphs it takes to explain it, you can’t really grasp how big and convoluted it is so I have prepared a color coded table to show the big picture.  Once again I apologize for not being able to get the graphic on this forum…

Conferences in color all have movement, left 2 columns current alignment, 3rd and 4th columns describe pending realignments.

Big 12, SEC, PAC 12 and MAC all listed at teh bottom have no movement currently planned.mayhem

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I am still just a bit sad that we have lost all the geographical closeness that defined the conferences in olden days.  The regions were clearly defined and competitive.  This reeks of NFL farm teams.  I guess that is the way it is nowadays.  Traditional rivalries that the students enjoyed, are gone, for the most part.  Replaced with money-producing matches with no respect to regionalism.  Sad, I think.


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