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How Hearing Aids
Manage Tinnitus
Sarah Schotte, Au.D., Doctor of Audiology

What’s one of the first symptoms of hearing loss?
It’s tinnitus—that annoying ringing, chirping,
buzzing, clicking, white noise, and/or roaring
sound that only you can hear.
Following a comprehensive hearing
evaluation, tinnitus and hearing loss often
are managed with digital hearing aids.
Associated Audiologists uses Widex Zen
technology, which includes a supplemental
program that plays sounds, similar to
chimes, directly into the ear.
For more complex cases, we have an
audiologist who specializes in tinnitus
In some cases hearing aids work best when
paired with structured tinnitus education
and patient counseling.

Hearing aids may
effectively manage
tinnitus by:
• Supplementing
the volume of
controlled sound so
that it helps reduce
the perception
of tinnitus.
• Increasing the
amount of auditory
stimulation received
by the brain.
• Improving

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