Taking sealed bids for 1 House to be removed from the Pottawatomie State Fishing Lake #2 grounds First Published in The Manhattan Mercury on March 10, 2019. Subsequently Published on March 17, 2019 and March 24, 2019. This is a bid solicitation for the purchase of a ranch style house owned by KDWPT that has water damage and is not needed and must be removed from the property. The winning bidder will be responsible for: * Preparing the house for removal * Removal of all building materials along with the house including shingles, porches, insulation, and all HVAC items and appliances. * Transportation of the house to its new location, including all required permits. * After the winning bidder is awarded, the job must be completed within 3 days of beginning the work. * After work has begun the house is the property and responsibility of the bidder. * The winning bidder is not to damage the garage and shop located north of the house or a large oak tree on the West end of the house, or any property on the East side of the road that is not owned by the department. The department will be responsible for the vegetation removal to facilitate the moving of the house, the removal of a short section of chain link fence, and traffic control through the department's property to State Lake Road. Bids will be closed on 03-29-2019 an noon. Bids received after the closing will not be accepted. Contact Byron Brown at 785-539-9999 if you have questions or would like to bid.