Year in Manhattan has been awesome

By Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

Hi! My name is Pablo, and I’m an exchange student from Spain. I’ve been here for almost 10 months, and I have barely two weeks to enjoy myself before it’s time to go back.

When I landed in Manhattan, Kansas, and I saw the host family that I was going to be staying with almost for the next entire year, I rushed to meet and hug them all for the first time. I wasn’t scared or afraid because I knew this experience would be funny and exciting, and therefore seem shorter.

School started three or four days after I came, which I didn’t like because I felt I needed more time to get adapted and used to the environment. I remember being really nervous during the first days or maybe weeks of school. But with time, friends, and mainly family, I started fitting in and letting my nervousness leave my body. From then on, the next months went fast, probably faster than I would have liked - so much that I suddenly had almost no time to do what I wanted to. That’s both a good and a not very good thing.

The first weeks after coming I was kind of shy with my family, but eventually everyone in my family has been getting closer and making the relationship between us better. That’s something that I really appreciate of them. No one made them do all they’ve done for me; they chose to, and I will always remember that. I will miss them a lot, even though I know I’ll for sure see them again.

It took me a while to make friends at the beginning, but now I have a bunch of them here who will be keeping contact with me, and I will also miss them.

This experience has been great in general. AFS has really given me a hand in the moments when I really needed it. Thank you, AFS! You are flawless! I hope I can come back to the United States at any time in my life. This year has been awesome!

Pablo Perez-Laorga
Madrid, Spain
3411 Womack Way
(Home of Jack and Karen

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