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What’s your Manhattan eye-Q?

By Mike Dendurent

How observant are you? If you’re a person who pays attention to your surroundings, then you should do pretty well on this quiz. It’s all about Manhattan stuff.

1. This quote from Horace Mann, a 19th century politician and educational reformer, is carved into the stone on the front of a local building: “Every addition to knowledge is an addition to human power.” What building?

a) Manhattan Public Library. b) Eugene Field Elementary School. c) Anderson Hall.

2. There’s a monument that looks like a pile of pink rocks (’cause that’s exactly what it is) on a little plot of land at the intersection of Evergreen and Sunset avenues. It’s a memorial to ...

a) Joseph Denison. b) Washington Marlatt. c) Isaac Goodnow.

3. Four flags fly at the Higinbotham Gate entrance to K-State, an American flag, a Kansas flag, a K-State flag and a ...

a) United Nations flag. b) Big 12 flag. c) Tree Campus USA flag.

4. You know those comedy/tragedy masks that represent the art of theater? Similar faces are sculpted into the stone on which local building?

a) McCain Auditorium. b) Manhattan Arts Center. c) Riley County Courthouse.

5. An oil painting of the former Varney’s Book Store marquee hangs in the lobby of ...

a) the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. b)K-State’snewbusinessadministration building. c) City Hall.

6. A local attraction displays a quote from Abraham Lincoln about binding up the nation’s wounds. It’s on ...

a)K-State’sVietnamVeteransMemorial. b) KSU’s World War II Memorial. c) the Riley County Veterans Memorial.

7. What’s engraved atop the tall downtown building whose first floor is occupied by Harry’s restaurant?

a) “Go Cats.” b) “Colonel John Poyntz.” c) “H.P. Wareham 1926.”

8. Signs showing silhouettes of a famous person are posted at intervals along 17th Street. Who is pictured?

a) Dwight D. Eisenhower. b) Martin Luther King Jr. c) Mike Ahearn.

9. A number of sidewalks in town have bricks bearing a simple command . They say ...

a) “Don’t Spit on Sidewalk.” b) “Curb Your Dog.” c) “Watch Your Step.”

10. The building at 311 Poyntz has an 18-inch horizontal line cut into its stone facade, more than five feet above the ground. Above the line it reads ...

a) “Brown’s Shoe Fit.” b) “Manhattan, Kansas.” c) “Flood Line 1951.”

ANSWERS: 1-b. 2-a. A plaque on the monument reads “Denison Circle. A memorial to Dr. Joseph Denison, first president of the Kansas State Agricultural College, and to the pioneers whose dauntless courage and tireless energy made possible our homes and comforts of to-day. Erected by the Riley County Historical Society, 1932.” 3-c. 4-c. They’re on each side of the front door. 5-b. Titled “Varney’s,” the painting was done by Clive Fullagar.
6-a. 7-c. Civic leader Harry Pratt Wareham, who built the six-story Wareham Hotel, died in 1939. 8-b. Dr. King spoke at Ahearn Field House, on 17th Street, in January 1968, just a short time before he was assassinated. In 2007, the street was given the honorary name of Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Drive. 9-a. The bricks were part of a national effort, begun in Kansas in the early 20th century, to prevent the spread of tuberculosis. 10-c. Yep, the ’51 flood water was THAT high in downtown Manhattan.

BONUS: The 30-foot-tall guy standing in City Park holding a scythe is ...

a) Johnny Cash. b) Johnny Carson. c) Johnny Kaw.

Answer: c, although there’s no sign near the statue identifying it. The mythical Kansas settler was created by a K-State professor.

HOW’D YOU DO? 8-10 correct: Little Apple Expert; 5-7 correct: Lowell Jack Award (Google him.); 2-4 correct: Pay attention here!; 0-1 correct: Are you from Manhattan or da Bronx?

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