What is conservatism, really?

Glen F. Welch

By A Contributor

About a month ago, a contributor asked “What is Conservatism” in a letter to the editor. Webster’s Dictionary defines a conservative as “one who favors traditional views and values.” 

The writer was right when he said that many claim to know what it is.  In this country, we have forgotten what traditional conservative values are. Our grandparents knew, and for them, the economy and so-ciety were relatively stable. 

The well-known political science professor and author Francis Fukuyama pointed out that what many call conservativism now is actually neoconservativ-ism.  It embraces the notion that American values are right and can be forced on the rest of the world. In an economic sense and morality too, neoconservativism focuses on what some would claim is pragmatic — facing realities. This approach has led to a decline in American values and influence.

In politics, many candidates claim the mantle of conservative when speaking to a relatively conservative audience in order to get votes. Then, they quickly forget their promises to behave as a conservative until the next election, counting on voters to have short memories or to compromise their values and vote for the “conservative” as the least bad option. 

A few true conservatives, however, will stand firm and withhold their support so that the hypocrisy of the fake “con-servative” will become obvious. Some of us have decided to refuse to compromise our values. These political values are influenced by Christian values. They include opposing abortion and gay marriage, opposing illegal immigration, demanding a balanced budget at all government levels, expecting reciprocal and equal trade with our trade partners, defense of the Second Amendment demand for gun ownership for all res-ponsible owners, and demand-ing that the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights continue as the supreme law of a the land, coupled with a reason-able, historical interpretation as the Founding Fathers intended — not as the Supremes now reinterpret them.

All too many “conservative” Republicans have yielded on these issues and embraced liberal values, selling their credibility for a few more votes (they hope).  The Democrats are fine with the liberal perspective, including insisting that the United States serve as as the world’s policeman. The wars that we continue to fight have taken us to a bankrupt state. Wars continue, dictators and terror-ists continue to threaten, and the United States grows increasingly poor. 

Members of both major parties continue to spend the country into bankrupt and third-world status. They seem oblivious to what is happening and what they are doing to us! However, they are not alone.  Many of us in the electorate have empowered them. Half of us vote for the ones who promise us the most goodies, while the other half vote for those who promise, at most, to delay the inevitable with little prospect of changing things to a more honest state.

Some of us in Kansas have decided to take a stand against these immoral act-ions by joining a political party with values — the Con-servative Party of the USA. If you are happy with how things are going then please continue doing what you have always done. 

However, if you are not satisfied, why not join us today and make a difference?

Glen Welch, a Leavenworth resident and Kansas field agent for the Conservative Party, is a retired U.S. Army master sergeant, has a doctorate in business adminis-tration and works as a pro-curement analyst.

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