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We have election problems, but fraud isn’t one of them

By Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

I read Roger Seymour’s letter in Wednesday night’s paper with some interest. Although his note was lengthy note, Mr. Seymour left out a few things. First of all, “The Board of Elections was careful to say they don’t have proof of fraud.”

He also failed to point out that the story did not tell who did the study. It was, it seems, done by the office of our own Secretary of State Kris Kobach — and done for free. It is evidently a service offered free to other states. I wonder how much that costs Kansas?

Here is how it works. A state, like North Carolina, sends a list of its voters to Kobach, who then compares it with other partici-pating states. According to one report, last year Kobach’s office found 5 million records of folks whose names and dates of birth seem to match. I Binged my own name and found a number of pages of gentlemen with the same name. There are more than 207 million eligible voters in the United States. There have to be three or four Richard Bakers and one or two with the same birthdays. So where is the fraud? Out of the over 35,000 cases Mr. Seymour mentioned, where is the fraud? From all of his fact checking, Kobach has not listed any fraud prosecutions. The Bush administration spent three years trying to find voter fraud and came away empty-handed.

Now, we do have a couple of problems. First of all, there is no universal system of keeping track of when people move or die that feeds into voter registration records. And that could also be a big problem with the 35,000. When you moved the last time, did you notify your local election board? When your grandfather, uncle, cousin or mother died, did you notify your local election board? You could be registered in two Manhattan precincts alone. Pray that Mr. Kobach doesn’t find out! 

The second problem that worries me is that in Manhattan, if I understand the situation correctly, our voting machines do not have a paper trail. I have emailed the county clerk about it and received no response. If Mr. Seymour really wants to worry, I think that is where to start. 

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