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We all have something to work on this year

By Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

For those who think that unlimited government power will make us secure, look to Russia. It isn’t working.

For the patriarch of “Duck Dynasty,” you are ignorant and bigoted and a homophobe, and that is your right. A&E has the right to keep you for ratings or to throw you under the bus to burnish its image. There is no free speech issue here.

For the Kansas Board of Regents, tenure was designed to insulate academics from the vicissitudes of politics, religion and public opinion. As far as controlling what your employees do on their own, you surely must sense how it will go if you make the courts sort it out. This is a freedom of speech issue because the Board of Regents is an arm of government.

For Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, except for keeping your name in print, what is the point of your ludicrously transparent attempts at voter suppression? Quit wasting our money and the resources of your office.

For the Kansas Legislature, come up with a reasonable school funding plan. Meanwhile, keep building prisons. If you starve education, we will need prisons. And quit robbing the poor to give to the rich.

For the “protectors of tradi-tional marriage,” don’t you think it’s time for religion to get out of the legal contract business?

For the go-forth-and-multiply crowd, can’t you see that the resources of the planet are finite? Uninhibited productivity is the ideology of a cancer cell. Why do you quit caring about humans when they can breathe on their own?

For the right to bear arms absolutists… what are you thinking?

For the climate change deniers… have you heard anything about the world’s glaciers or sea levels?

For our national leaders, take proper care of those who have sacrificed so much in the national interest. And, oh yeah, figure out what that is.

For those pumping for profit on the Great Plains,  do you plan to keep it up until there is no water to drink?

For our county commission-ers… this ran long. I’ll get back to you.

Alan Specht
1100 Zeandale Road

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