Voters should re-elect Obama

Nolan Carlson

By A Contributor

Here’s an assessment of the president from the viewpoint of an independent.

1. President Barack Obama was handed two wars (One should have never been waged — no WMDs.) Now mired in the other war for over 11 years.  Bless the troops for their bravery and forbearance.

2. He was given one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression. $9 trillion in debt. (Recovery is slow but compared to Europe not too bad.) Down to 7.8 percent unemployment compared to double digits in the European countries. Kansas has 6.1 percent.

3. Saved the auto industry and thousands of jobs as Mitt Romney and the right wing were calling to let them go bankrupt.

4. Annihilated Osama bin Laden. Obama took a big risk. Getting Obama was something Bush couldn’t accomplish in eight years.

5. Obama sent three jobs bills to Congress, and the GOP (Grand Obstructionist Party) blocked them every time.

6. Endured increased budget ceiling fights from the right wing even though raising the ceiling was done routinely by all of his predecessors and nine times by Bush No. 2. (This was responsible for the credit rating drop.)

7. Bush stacked the Supreme Court with right-wing justices who voted to allow unlimited anonymous Super PAC funding. It is ironically termed Citizens United when it should be called Corporations United. Why didn’t Bush, with the right wing outnumbering liberals on the Supreme Court, overturn Roe vs. Wade during his eight years?

8. Obama is working hard for the 99 percent of Americans and especially the middle class. He just wants the obscenely wealthy 1 percent to pay their fair share.

9. Obama has endured with humor and dignity Donald Trump’s ridiculous “birther” movement. Even Republican columnist George Will called Trump a bloviating ignoramus.

10. Former GOP Sen. Alan Simpson of the Bowles-Simpson report charged ultra-conservatives and Grover Norquist as having “rocks in their heads” for not allowing an increase in taxes for the richest 1 percent. Special interest groups dominate government and politicians. Subsidies for oil companies and other special groups are travesties.

11. Obama, through executive privilege, continued the Dream Act, allowing deserving, hard-working and productive immigrants to continue working and studying in the U.S.

12. Obama championed the rights for gays to serve openly and honorably in the protection of their country.

13. Housing market is slow but improving steadily. We’ve had 29 consecutive months of job growth.

14. Obama is a man of principle. He is a good family man, eloquent, patient, intelligent and willing to work with the opposing party.

15. Can you imagine what this country would be like now if the right wing had just compromised a little and worked with this president instead of doing everything in his first term to demean him and obstruct everything he tried to accomplish? The Senate minority leader stated at the onset of Obama’s term that their main goal was to insure the failure of this president.

16. Obama’s health plan, with 30 million more people provided health insurance, will save countless lives.

17. Obama has revealed his tax returns and has no Swiss bank account or money deposited in the Cayman Islands, as does Romney. Why won’t Romney reveal his back tax returns and why would you have a Swiss bank account and money in the Cayman Islands? Something smells.

18. Why would the opposing party rather bring down the country in order to depose the president? This seems to be more than ordinary politics.

19. Why didn’t Bush No. 2 attend the GOP convention in Tampa? What’s that about? He was re-elected to a second term. He should have been their keynote speaker.

20. The revealing recording at Romney’s $50,000-a-plate fund-raiser where he chastised and demeaned 47 percent of the population (many of whom are his backers) for not taking responsibility for their lives and demanding free government help. This revealed the true Mitt Romney.

In my opinion as an Independent, if Romney wins the election, women’s rights will be infringed upon, the middle class is headed for eventual extinction, the rich will be coddled and given privileges with more tax breaks and subsidies, Wall Street will run rampant with very limited regulation, we will engage in more dangerous military conflicts and eventually the United States will be controlled by a few elitist rich and powerful families and corporations, much as Mexico is.

As an independent, I propose re-electing a man who backs women’s rights, is a staunch advocate for the middle class, helps the poor and disabled, advocate’s stringent regulation of Wall Street and has worked diligently to rescue the United States from the brink of disaster brought on by his predecessor.

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Nolan Carlson, 4750 Columbian Road, is a retired educator and businessman who writes novels for middle-school-age youth.

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