Two controversies reflect ‘hypocrisy in action’ in U.S.

By Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

Maybe I am suffering from “outrage fatigue,” but I just can’t see the logic of the following issues.

1. I have been looking at black “POW/MIA” flags at every veterans event, biker rally and military funeral for the last 40 years. Our president actually saves — frees — a POW and he is in the wrong. Why is that?

“He was a deserter,” many say, but were they there? If not, they are repeating gossip and hear-say. Bring him home and THEN have a trial to get statements under oath. Serve justice to him according to law, but please let’s not try him on the “always honest” cable TV shows.

“We negotiated with terrorists,” many say. But the particular five prisoners exchanged are not “terrorists,” they are “enemy combatants” due to be released at the end of the war as per centuries of military tradition. They were captured while fighting to free their homeland from a foreign inv-ader, just as we would if the North Korean Army invaded Kansas.

2. Our Rep. Tim Huelskamp was on TV Wednesday night at the Wichita VA hospital de-manding to know why care for our beloved veterans is so slow.

An answer comes to mind: Because of the “no-tax, no-spend” philosophy he espouses, VA funding has been inadequate for 15 years. He wants to reduce the size of government? Well, THIS is what it looks like.

These two controversies demonstrate hypocrisy in action. Agitate for decades to return every captured U.S. soldier and then turn on the president when he takes action and does so. Elect public servants who will “starve the beast” and then kvetch about lack of government services. Sorry folks, but you can’t have it both ways.

So let’s all disconnect from and stop parroting the cable news outrage machine that forever tugs at our hearts just to get us to watch ads for reverse mortgages and Viagra. Instead, let’s think for ourselves and focus on what is right for America.

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