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Trump was outvoted and has no mandate

By Letters to the Editor

To the Editor I want to take issue with Mr. Ammeter’s letter published on Dec. 30.
Donald Trump did not beat Hillary Clinton.
I know some people want us to live in an age where facts do not matter, but sadly they do. And Trump lost the popular vote. By a margin larger than any presidential race in the history of our nation!
Donald Trump received 62,979,879 votes in the general election. Hillary Clinton received 65,844,945. That means Clinton beat Trump by 2,865,066 votes. Those are hard facts that cannot be lied away.
Then if we add in all the other people who did not vote for Trump — those who voted for Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Evan McMullin, write-in and other candidates — the total is 74,074,037 people who DID NOT VOTE for Trump… meaning he lost the popular vote by 11,094,159 votes.
Trump does not have a mandate. He has done what he is best known for doing: using the system to benefit himself. He has nominated the most incompetent Cabinet in the history of our nation. So, no, Mr. Ammeter, things aren’t going to “work out a whole lot better.” They are going to be a disaster, which is what Trump and his “big brain” are famous for… six bankruptcies and counting!
It will be the American people who have to pick up the pieces… that is, if there is anything left of our nation when Trump is finished with it. Christopher E. Renner 508 Valley Drive

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