Trump is the swamp that he says he’ll drain

By Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: This is in regard to Arthur F. Loub’s letter in Sunday’s Mercury, “Liberals: get used to it; your candidate lost.”

We will never get used to a demagogue who has foisted lie after lie upon us, though they are eagerly accepted by his gullible supporters. One of the latest ones being that the intelligence community, in stating that Russian interference in our election (which he has said he doesn’t accept) had no impact on the results of the election. What they really said was that the impact on the election was beyond the scope of their investigation.

We will never get used to his treasonous invitation during the campaign for more hacking of his opponent by foreign powers.

We will never get used to his outrageous appeal to violence, misogyny, racism and bigotry of his most ardent mindless supporters.

We will never get used to his juvenile, petty and megalomaniacal ways in corresponding with the media, domestic foes and foreign leaders. He is supposed to keep us safe, make things better and not needlessly escalate tensions. This is no leader.

We will never get used to his lack of transparency in his finances, his tax returns, his foreign business dealings especially in Russia, and those of his family connections, which he apparently wants in his power circle under no particular office title. Trump is the swamp that he has claimed he wants to drain.

Republicans should be wary that Trump has succeeded in branding their party like it was just one more of his towers. They should expect Democrats, clear-headed Republicans, independents and anyone finding these troublesome qualities objectionable to obstruct him at every turn. And for profound reason, unlike the last eight years of their obstruction. Get used to that! Evan Coughenour 816 Laramie St.

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