To ignore voter fraud, you must dance around the facts

By Letters to the Editor

To the Editor

There is a new dance in town. Voter fraud doesn’t exist in Kansas. Here’s how it goes. Even though the facts hit you square in the face, you do a bob and weave, look the other way and say the facts never existed.

Richard Baker was desperate-ly trying in a recent letter to negate Rogers Seymour’s claim that voter fraud existed to a great extent in North Carolina. His first weave was to say that even though there were more than 35,750 cases of double voting in the 2012 North Carolina election pf people with the same name and date of birth, there was no proof of fraud.

When I see that, one of two things comes to mind. Either he is one of the most naïve people around or the people who did vote twice are so dumb they couldn’t remember it. Oh, there is a third option; he must be counting on the average Mercury reader to have below average intellect.

He uses the total population of the United States to claim that there are countless people with the same name and date of birth. They might have the same name, but not the same name and date of birth in one state. That is a bit too much to swallow unless, of course, you do the dance. And I suppose we are all to accept that same argument for the 765 who had the same name date of birth and Social Security number. Really?

You don’t have to prosecute to know that a crime takes place. Does Richard Baker also consider the 81 votes by dead people not fraud? He seems to suggest that because a relative didn’t notify the local elections board that their grandfather died, it’s not fraud if someone else votes in their place. Really?

Well, sometimes it’s just better to move on. Who would have ever thought in America people would be chastised for wanting to protect the integrity of the vote? Some groups think that if they shout loud enough and apply enough pressure to their opponents, they can muzzle the facts.

I don’t care if it’s Republicans or Democrats committing fraud, it needs to be stopped. Roger Seymour never mentioned what political party committed fraud, but Richard Baker, by his adamant rebuttal and defensive posture, must have assumed like everyone else that it was all Democrats. That should tell you all you need to know about the existence of voter fraud.

And if you really want to save money, ask the president and his wife to stop taking elaborate vacations.

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