This storm courtesy of Syria, Iran

By The Mercury

Folks who claim Superstorm Sandy is yet more proof of climate change are jumping to conclusions.

As climatologists routinely say whenever another catastrophic storm strikes, no individual storm can be directly associated with climate change, which used to be known as global warming before that term fell out of favor. Yes, scientists have all kinds of data and computer models indicating that our storms will be stronger and more frequent — just as our droughts will be more severe — but that doesn’t’ mean climate change caused Superstorm Sandy. Could be a coincidence.

Besides, the true culprit — make that culprits — have surfaced. Syria and Iran whipped up Sandy in the Atlantic, then guided it up the East Coast of the United States and then into New Jersey, New York and environs.  So boasts a Facebook post of the Syrian Army News.

“Sources confirmed to us that Hurricane Sandy that is buffeting the U.S. was set off by highly advanced technologies developed by the heroic Iranian regime that supports the resistance with coordination of our resistant Syrian regime.”

There’s more. “These sources have also confirmed that experts from Syria have contributed in carrying out this work. This is the consequence of attacking Assad’s Syria and threatening its security.”

And to think that for much of the presidential campaign, President Barack Obama has been criticized for not doing enough to attack and threaten Syrian President Bashar al Assad’s regime.

We’re torn. We’re relieved that Sandy had nothing to do with climate change — unless, of course, the Iranians and the Syrians are behind that phenomenon as well. Yet it’s alarming that the United States could so underestimate those two Middle Eastern countries.

We’ve focused, for instance, on Iran’s nuclear weapons production and on Syria’s legacy of tyranny and, of course, it’s support of Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations.

Little did we know that those activities have been mere decoys ... distractions to throw the United States off track while Iran and Syria mastered the skies to the point that they could unleash a massive storm on our cities and coastlines. Even folks tempted to believe that the U.S. intelligence community failed to connect the dots here would be aghast that Israel’s Mossad could be fooled.

What’s puzzling, though, is why, with such “highly advanced technologies,” all that Iranian-Syrian coordination and all his jets and tanks, Assad can’t seem to stamp out that pesky rebellion.

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