There can be no let-up in war on global ‘cancer’

By Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

Ours is a sick world.

Let me start with what my wife has been going through. She has Stage 4 cancer and is in remission at this time. She went through a battering ram of intense chemotherapy for nine months. Her latest scan shows no cancer, but her doctor is still giving her a reduced dose to make sure there are no renegades hidden in there somewhere. She may have to take them the rest of her life. Thank God for specialists. If we did not have an oncologist like Dr. Carlson, she would be dead now, I am sure.

Why do I mention all of this when I am talking about a sick world? Well there are a lot of similarities between excellent cancer health care and ridding the world of the cancers in it. First, you need a specialist in the protection of the citizens of this country. We thought we elected one, but we see no certificate on our president’s wall. He is supposed to be the top dog in our military, not an average warrior. Were we fooled with his verbal abilities?

Maybe we should have listened to Mitt Romney more closely. He had foresight.

The president said there was a jayvee team of terrorists and we should not worry about it. It looks now as if he is the jayvee player.

In order to get rid of a cancer, you have to hit it hard and often. Then when you are all but sure it is gone, you still have to be on guard and do a lot of follow up to make sure it is gone for good.  If you don’t, you will have to fight much harder with much more aggressive measures.

Remember at the start of World War I and World War II, we Americans stood back until it was all but too late. We wasted many more American lives in those wars then we might have if we just gotten rid of the cancer when it was small. Also, how many Jewish lives could we have saved if we stopped the cancer earlier?

Back to my wife.  She is able to enjoy much of life thanks to Dr. Carlson’s great and thorough job of killing cancer cells. I pray that our president comes to his senses and goes out and kills the cancers in the world before it is too late and we end up fighting them here and often instead of there and maybe often.

Just a Vietnam veteran’s thoughts.

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