The pitfalls, pleasures of pregnancy

By Megan Moser

I went to the OB the other day, where the nurse informed me I’m 38 weeks, three days pregnant. That means I could give birth just about any minute now. (Although according to the office pool, most people think it will be at least another week or so.) I have the nursery decorated, diapers stocked, yet in some ways I’m sooo not ready.

Despite my having carried this baby boy for… well, about nine months now, I can’t really believe the pregnancy part is about to end. Pregnancy is not always fun, but it is pretty amazing, and I feel very lucky to be able to experience it. Feeling a little person kick inside of you is the most strange, wonderful thing.

I’ve had a pretty easy pregnancy so far. I’ve been spared the worst of the morning sickness that plagues some women, and I’ve felt pretty good throughout.

Of course, now we’re to the point where the kicking feels more like kick-boxing, and there’s not really enough room for both a baby and some of my vital organs. Besides that, I’m excited to meet the little guy! Things I won’t miss about being pregnant:

Googling every new ailment to find out what’s normal

It can be difficult if you’ve never been pregnant to determine what things are supposed to happen in the course of a normal gestation versus what’s abnormal — or what’s not related to pregnancy at all. I’ve probably searched for something every day since I got a positive test.

Avoiding questions about my body

Apparently some things that were previously private become fair game once you’re pregnant, and I find myself answering questions I previously would have thought would come up only in conversations with my doctor. A well-meaning co-worker even asked me about breast-feeding and told me I’d like it because it would help me lose the baby weight. Um, thanks.

Crying a lot

It’s a point of pride for me that I never cry at work, so I probably shouldn’t even admit this in public. But I’ll go ahead and tell you that during one particularly stressful week, I suddenly broke down in front of our most stoic and manly press man, Jim. I appreciated the awkward hug he gave to try to console me, but it was still pretty embarrassing. I hate stereotypes about women being emotional, but I’ve found that I’ve been more likely to cry during pregnancy.

Full-time sobriety

Not that I’m a big drinker, but still. And now that I mention it, even more than alcohol, I’ve missed sushi, runny-yolked eggs and having a second or third cup of coffee in the morning.

Fitful sleeping

Yeah, I know, the crying baby will keep me from a good night’s rest for a good long while. But I’m a stomach sleeper, so pregnancy has really cramped my style.

Not being able to paint my own toenails

OK, so this one is technically still possible, but it’s pretty difficult. See also: picking up things I’ve dropped under my chair, tying my own shoes.

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