Sure, it’s a cute idea… but, seriously

The Great Valentine's Day debate

By Kristina Jackson

I think Valentine’s Day is kind of a joke.

Because it’s an incredibly popular holiday dedicated to love, it alienates a lot of people who are not in relationships.

I love the idea of celebrating love. I try to show my family and friends that I love them as often as possible. But I feel like the idea of Valentine’s Day is limiting.

The idea is very cute. We have Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, why not have a holiday for significant others?

But that’s what anniversaries are for.

This might just be coming from a stereotypical bitter single person, but I just have a hard time taking it seriously. People refer to it as a day to show people that you love them, but there’s still pressure to have a date.

That’s why I encourage people to buck that tradition and celebrate in nontraditional ways. If you’re in a relationship, celebrate with your significant other — I’m sure it will be romantic. But if you’re not, celebrate Singles Awareness Day (SAD) instead.

For two years in college, my valentine was one of my best friends. We were both single, so we agreed to be each other’s valentines and went all out.

We went out for dinner and spent the evening chatting and watching the new Valentine’s Day episode of our favorite TV show.

We had fun and tried to ignore the fact that it wasn’t exactly a picture perfect Valentine’s Day.

A few years ago I celebrated by putting on my favorite dress and taking myself out to my favorite lunch spot in Lincoln, Neb., where I was going to college.

Again, my celebrations didn’t exactly belong in a jewelry ad, but they made the day special. And I didn’t even need a date.

Somehow, the typical vision of Valentine’s Day involves a candlelit dinner with a box of chocolates and a sexy date sitting across from you.

But some of my fondest Valentine’s memories don’t look like that. And I should not be embarrassed by that or refer to the day as SAD instead.

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