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Support city infrastructure; it helps save residents’ lives

By Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

There are many features that make Manhattan a wonderful place to live and raise a family. We see those things every day and we take them for granted. My grandchildren love to see the fire stations and the fire trucks, and if a firefighter waves at them, they are thrilled. We drive down our streets and are annoyed when street repair changes our route. We pay our taxes and sometimes complain about how high they are without thinking about what we are getting in return.

When a fire broke out in our home, we learned firsthand what benefits our city provides. So many people came to our aid it was impossible to thank them all that day. First, my 911 call was handled skillfully and efficiently by the dispatcher. She calmly asked questions that provided important details of the fire, giving information to the responders as she also emphasized what to do for our safety. She remained on the phone as I heard the sirens nearing our home. I want to thank her for helping me to remain calm.

As the fire engines pulled up to our house, it was clear all that we needed to do was get out of the way. The firefighters im-mediately determined where the fire was and put it out. That one sentence sounds so simple when I remember all they did that afternoon.

Before they left our home, the cause of the fire was determined, the house was carefully checked for any other potential problems, the smoke in our house was addressed, the fire damage was covered with plywood and the damage of the fire was cleaned up.

A mere thank-you barely seems enough to thank the Manhattan Fire Department for literally saving our home. When our house was on fire, by dialing 911, within minutes people came to our aid and a personal disaster for us was avoided.

We would like to thank everyone who plays a role in supporting the infrastructure of our city. The streets were clear, water was available and the EMTs were ready to help. Manhattan is a wonderful place to live, and we are safer because of the services that are available to us.

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