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Sunday is the most fun day

By Maura Wery

I adore Sunday. It’s my favorite day of the week. Most see it as a marker for the work week ahead, but for me, it’s usually my only day off. My Sundays usually begin with a wake-up time of around 11 a.m., followed by sitting on the couch in my PJs until 5 p.m. and do something I rarely get to do during the week: I watch television. At about 5, I reluctantly get up, get dressed and order my weekly Thai food treat. Sometimes, I won’t even eat out. I’ll cook large meals that I normally don’t have time to prepare during the week. Either way, it’s a treat. After dinner, I sit on my couch and watch TV again.

I know this may seem a bit odd to most people, but I rarely watch television in live time. I have no interest in commercials or waiting for my show to come back on. I also work a second job at night so it’s hard to find time to watch it, but with the DVR, watching TV on my time is possible.

The shows that record during the week are what I watch during the day. I’m a big fan of The Voice and Parenthood. Luckily, The Voice just started a new season with blind auditions, which last two hours apiece and run three times a week. So those take a large chunk of my day. I sometimes catch up on one of my favorite Food Network shows, Chopped, but I usually save that to watch when I have a night off or when The Voice goes into the battle modes, which are— thankfully— only an hour each.

Sunday nights are very, very different from the mornings. First off, I watch the news. Yes, I work at a newspaper and watch the news. I watch it for more than just finding out what happened that day. It’s sort of a comforting favorite. I grew up with my family members taking time out of their day to watch it, so I do so as well.

The only other shows I watch “live” when they air are on AMC.

I’m a pretty big fan of the network and its shows. I recently finished Season 3 of The Walking Dead and am now just beginning the fifth season of Mad Men. When it’s announced, I will also watch Breaking Bad on the network as well.

Why do I take time to watch these shows in real time? Well, for one, they are convenient to watch. Second, I really like the story lines. I know a show about the zombie apocalypse might not seem to be very complex, but the character development of The Walking Dead keeps me completely engaged. I can’t say that I love the gore, though. As each season has progressed it has become darker and darker, but the fact that it’s more about people and less about zombies makes it appealing to me.

Mad Men is the same. The styling, the music and the content all evoke a time long ago. I can‚Äôt say that watching the show didn‚Äôt make me wonder if I could write copy just as well as Peggy Olsen could in the ‘60s. Also, Jon Hamm is definitely a big draw to the show. I just really like him as an actor. I personally find myself both loving and hating Don Draper. He has literally cheated on every woman he’s been with on the show but somehow, I still like him, which for the life of me, I can’t understand.

The last show I’ve only recently gotten into on the network is Breaking Bad. A science chemistry teacher making meth? I mean, who comes up with that? A former Mercury colleague of mine, Burk Krohe, told me to watch the show originally, and after a month of putting it off in my instant queue on Netflix, I finally got around to watching it. I was hooked after the third episode.

I know that TV rots your brain. Studies have shown that it affects cognitive functioning, so I try not to watch it very often. I like reading and getting lost in literature, but there is something that draws me to well made TV. I think it’s the same reason I get drawn to books:  great storylines. So until TV just becomes nothing but Jersey Shore and Buckwild, my Sundays shall remain dedicated to the box and the shows I love.

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