Sometimes it seems like everybody’s gone crazy

By Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

“Has everybody around here gone crazy?”  So cried John Hamilton’s Perry White, 1950s editor of The Daily Planet. 

That question can be directed to our various levels of government and special-interest groups.

In the heretofore land of the free, taxation without representation runs unrestrained:

Government bailouts, massive foreign aid to countries that hate us while our leaders defraud our veterans of adequate benefits, and funding which directly or indirectly supports abortions and the homosexual agenda.

In a Shakespearean turnabout of terms, in which fair is foul and foul is fair, capital punishment for a known murderer is wrong, but capital punishment, a.k.a. abortion, for a pre-born human is right because it is liberally defined as health care.  The executioners, a.k.a. abortion doctors, are hailed as providers.   

God’s definition of marriage has been replaced by a relationship free-for-all. 

Defenders of abortion and homosexuality are venerated for exercising free speech to stand for their convictions.  Those of us who dare to call abortion and homosexuality sinful are labeled bigots and haters (I am not speaking of the Fred Phelps crowd; they will answer to God).

The concept of equality has taken an Animal Farm turn; some people, particularly those with voting clout, are more equal than others.  If Obamacare is the answer to our health care problems, then why does it not apply to every citizen, regardless of social or political standing?

In this age of campaigning against bullying, why is federal leadership the biggest bully of all?  Why should employers be required to pay for their employees’ sexual activities and for the potential or actual consequences of those activities?  Nobody besides me pays for my being pizza-active or chocolate-active.

Bullying and hypocrisy are related issues.  How often have we conservatives heard “Don’t force your values on me” and “You can’t legislate morality”?  Oh, so? We regularly legislate morality; the question is “Whose morality shall we legislate?”  Our President has chosen to bully-legislate his brand of morality to force it upon us who view it as sin.  The latest case in point involves the Sisters of the Poor.

Speaking of hypocrisy, we see unrealistic regulations of food-and-drink content and portion size while legalizing the gateway drug marijuana.  If you have not noticed, we already have enough problems caused by alcohol and tobacco. 

Also, lest we forget, requiring ID is reasonable for check cashing but not for voting.

  Perry White’s question should jolt us into repenting from our upside-down, inside-out values.  The liberal pundits have persuaded millions to abandon our Creator/Redeemer/Judge, the Almighty God; now, they cannot accurately understand why our country suffers from all manner of corruption and violence.  In the phrasing of Romans 1:28, they “did not like to retain God in their knowledge.”  Whether you like it or not, the answer to the craziness is in our own Pledge of Allegiance.  We the people must return to “one nation under God.”

Robert E. Mullin
11464 Kirtner Lane
St. George

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