Snyder says game is ‘in a bad place’

By The Mercury

Kansas State football coach Bill Snyder isn’t happy with the direction of college athletics.

Snyder told 610 AM in Kansas City on Wednesday that college athletics are “in a bad place right now,’ and he said he might have pursued a different career had it been this way in the past.

“College athletics, particularly football, has changed dramatically throughout my career,” Snyder said in the interview. “I think it’s in a bad place right now. It’s in a bad place for a variety of reasons. We’ve allowed it to become money driven. We’ve allowed it to become TV-driven. We’ve allowed athletic programs or football programs to mean more to a university than what the university is really supposed to be all about.”

Snyder said college athletics is still supposed to be about the education, but, in football especially, it’s come down to who can make more money than the other.

K-State signed Snyder to a new five-year contract extension worth $14.75 million in January, but the coach stated in the interview that he believes he is “grossly overpaid,” and that it’s “part of what creates the issue.”

Asked during the radio interview if the state of the game would have an impact on his future, and if “he wants to be in it much longer.”

Snyder said “you’re not too far away. You’re absolutely right.”

The Big 12 Coach of the Year has not shied away from his dislike of some of the changes in the Big 12 since his return. He believes the Big 12 should still have two divisions and a title game, prefers day games to night games, and wants all non-conference games to be played at home.

Snyder told the Kansas City Star on Tuesday after a Catbackers Club event, that networks are playing too big of a role.

“We’ve allowed it to be TV-driven, and allowed it to become more important to a university than it should be,” he said. “We’re educational institutions, and what’s really important is trying to enhance the lives of young people and give them guidance and direction to help themselves.”

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