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Chris Banner

By A Contributor

What do you do when things go seriously wrong with your life? For disease or physical suffering, you might see a traditional western physical healer. For mental, work, social, or family related problems, you might see a western trained mental healer or councilor, or take a psychotropic drug. These sources of help might make you feel and function better, but would they really solve your life’s problems that lead to these conditions in the first place? Would they put you on the right path?

Maybe you need to go to some alternative, non-traditional, or New Age sources of help instead, such as practitioners of disciplines such as Reiki,  psychic or spiritual mediumship, energy healing, acupuncture, herbal therapy, neuropathy, or some other field.

“No Mistake” presents us thirty well told stories, each about six pages long, by twenty-eight are women and two men who faced heart-breaking, mind-altering, value challenging adversity. Here are just a few examples: An author’s friend committed suicide and his spirit continued to haunt his house and her mind. An author miscarried her pregnancy and the memory of her lost child continued to affect her long afterwards. Some authors went through a divorce or break-up, which was bad enough in itself, but they were then faced with how to deal with their exes, which was disturbing. Others made wrong vocational choices or discovered that their job situations had changed in unbearable ways. A few grew up in abusive families or situations, which made them insecure and unable to relate well to others. Some abused alcohol and drugs over extended periods as a way to cope, and found these substances only made their lives worse.

The authors tried traditional western help methods and found that they had physical ailments that the physicians could not cure; they had mental malfunctions which ordinary insight therapy would not relieve; their spiritual lives made no sense.

In the end, each came to realize that she needed to learn these spiritual lessons from her experiences, her adversities. This involved listening to her own and others’ spirits, and talking to guardian angels, spiritual healers, psychic mediums and investigators, energy balancers, acupuncturists, herbalists, neuropaths, homeopaths, Reikis, and astrologers, or working with other New Age and holistic healing methods.

With help from these alternative sources, each learned true and useful lessons from her adversity, and changed her basic attitudes and ways of doing things. In learning the true source of her problems, she was able to make fundamental changes and real improvements in her life, and not make the same mistakes again. Abundance of one sort or another followed. This basic change in their outlooks and ways of living which resulted is the meaning of the book’s title, “No Mistakes: Change Adversity into Abundance.”

The last section of “No Mistakes” is a series of half-page biographical sketches of the authors, who are a varied and interesting group. Most have college educations and several have advanced degrees, some in unconventional fields such as Chinese medicine, integrative medicine, spiritual life coaching, and metaphysics. Most are engaged in helping or creative activities and professions. Several are in business for themselves as business, personal, or spiritual developmental consultants; as motivational speakers; and as authors of motivational and spiritual articles and books. Reading these sketches before reading the sections that they wrote is recommended, for it makes their personal tales even more meaningful.

This book is of interest to people who enjoy reading human success stories, or who want to know more about non-traditional philosophies and healing methods.

Christopher Banner is emeritus senior specialist in music at KSU and a Manhattan resident.

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