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Roberts not alone in calling for Sebelius’s resignation

By Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

Until Sunday I didn’t know on which subject I wished to a write. Was it to be about the suspended KU professor who tweeted a stupid statement about the NRA and was being supported by more than 100 liberal KU professors, or about the catastrophic Obamacare?

However, it was to be the letter. The answer came in Sunday’s Mercury with Ed Horne’s letter to the editor.

My old friend Ed wrote a truly marvelous soul-searching docu-mentary of the long,  somewhat convoluted personal relation-ship between Sen. Pat Roberts and the Sebelius family. The whole apparent purpose was to accuse Pat Roberts of “throwing Kathleen Sebelius under the bus,” to get her fired or get her to resign as secretary of Health and Human Services for her responsibility in not being able to launch Obamacare, only because Sen. Roberts has a tea party rival..

Ed, I have news for you . It is isn’t only the tea party that thinks that Secretary Sebelius should be fired. For example on your favorite liberal TV channel, MSNBC, Robert Gibbs, former press secretary for President Obama,  said he hopes “people get fired over Obamacare.”

The buck stops at the top. Secretary Sebelius was respon-sible for giving a contract for some $500 million to a Canadian corporation, which had been fired by the Canadian govern-ment for ineptness,  to design and implement the program in three years.  As we see , it isn’t working despite the assurances of the chief marketer, Barack H. Obama.

A thought: Would it not have been more effective and less costly to have left the system as it was and have a simple program to just pay for pre-existing conditions and expand Medicare? We would not need a large new IRS division of agents to check on us and thousands of navigators at $40 an hour.

Accountability is anathema to the Obama administration: Benghazi (Clinton), IRS (Ler-ner), Fast and Furious (Holder) and now Obamacare (Sebelius). No one ever gets fired.

Nevertheless, Ed, I hope your Cards win the World Series.

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