Republicans clearly benefit from president’s policies

By Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:
What if everything we have today remained exactly the same except that our president was a 65-year-old white Republican named John Smith? What would be different?

1.  All the talking heads on the right would be singing the praises of President Smith for his wonderful work to give us the “best economy” for his fellow Republicans in the history of the country.

2.  They would be touting his health care bill as long overdue because too many poor Amer-icans have been getting away with not having health in-surance, thus using the emergency rooms, which drive sup health care costs for those with money.

3.  They would be trumpeting the way he has moved the government into our bedrooms and doctors’ offices to stop those poor people from receiving health care.

4.  They would be bragging about how he has kept the gun manufactures busy making more and more guns.

5.  Most importantly, he has, through tax law, fueled the movement of wealth into fewer and fewer extremely wealthy pockets.

Given his philosophy that the more money we give to the wealthy, the better off we all are, he is quickly moving to the point that all citizens who make $183,000 per year or more (the upper 1 percent) should be issued a “Gold Card” that would allow them to skip paying sales tax, gas tax, property tax as well as fees for such things as driver’s licenses.

After all, if giving more to the wealthiest among us helps the least among us, then why not go all the way?

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