Reasons to oppose Obama’s re-election have nothing to do with race

By Letters to the Editor

To The Editor :
Unlike Robert Bruce Scott, I, like a vast majority of Kansas,  voted against Barack Obama for the simple reason that as an avowed progressive/liberal, he said in 2008,” We are going to change the United States of America”. What we suspected has been tragically occurring for the past three years. Is this country better of now than in 2008?

President Obama was supposed to bring us all together, but is waging class warfare, and if one criticizes President Obama the left calls one a racist.. The left knows that President Obama cannot run on his abysmal record,  so they have to attack and go negative.

It is not racist to note the following:

Unemployment for most of the past three years has been between 9 percent and 10 percent.  Our federal government is spending over $1.5 trillion more than it is taking in, and there has been no federal budget for 3 years.  Our national debt has risen about $4 trillion and the administration has no plan and no leadership to solve this.

The Obama administration has “invested” our tax money by the billions in alternative energy (think Solyndra bankruptcy) and does not approve expansion and jobs in fossil fuel production.. President Obama and his democratic controlled congress approved Obamacare which a majority of people do not want.

By the way, Eric Holder is a more inept attorney general than Janet Reno, and 70 members of Congress want him to resign. Does that make them all racist too?

Yes, Mr. Scott there are a host of criticisms of President Obama, but none are racist. He is an inept leader who has surrounded himself with far too many pro-big government liberal idealogues.

Arthur F. Loub

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