Paper is too biased against creationism, tea party views

By Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

I am convinced that one of the reasons for the decline in number of subscribers to the Manhattan Mercury is the paper’s editorial policy of advocating for only one side in nearly every public issue.

Two examples of this bias were evident last Sunday in the editorial, “Creation v. evolu-tion…again,” and the Bloomberg News Service editorial, “Is Obamacare a job killer?”

In the first is was asserted, “But there’s nothing scientific about creationism. It’s entirely faith based…” No evidence was given for that statement. I assert that the belief in evolution is entirely faith based, and I give you two pieces of evidence to back that up.

No. 1. Evolution violates many established scientific principles. For example, evolution teaches that order arises from disorder, that information systems arise from no information, that organisms move from simplicity to complexity, and many other such beliefs that conflict with established science. The only people who believe in “spon-taneous generation” are the evolutionists.

No. 2. In his book, “Genetic Entropy & the Mystery of the Genome,” John C. Sanford, a retired research geneticist from Cornell, makes a cogent argu-ment that contrary to evolu-tionist teaching, mutations are always small, are predominantly harmful to the organism, and beneficial mutations are unable to be passed on to succeeding generations. He shows that bene-ficial mutations can be found on the gene level but always fail on the level of the genome.

Why is it that those who believe — have faith — in evolution won’t own up to the fact that evolution is faith based? They will not allow any competing belief system to even be mentioned in education. Is it that they are afraid that their system is not so certain after all?

The second opinion piece stated, “If Cruz and his Repub-lican colleagues succeed in shutting down the govern-ment…” The author ignores the fact that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and his colleagues have repeatedly stated that they had no interest in shutting down the govern-ment. The person who said he would shut the government down was the president, who warned that he would veto any bill that funds the government if it does not also fund Obamacare.

Why is it that we only get one side of every issue from the Mercury?

Rex D. Miller

3463 Scottie Lane

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