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On issue of self-defense, be smart and be safe

By Letters to the Editor

On issue of self-defense, be smart and be safe

To the Editor:

There are many things people say about self-defense: “You don’t need to study empty hand self-defense; just carry a gun.” “It’s no good to carry a gun because most people who attack you are family or friends.” “Pepper spray will stop anyone.” “There are people that pepper spray will not stop.” “It’s no good for a woman to study self-defense because anyone who will attack a woman will know more about fighting than she does.” “You can do whatever your want to because no one should attack you.”

All of these things have some truth to them. However, as a person who has studied self-defense for a long time, I can assure you that they all have flaws.

The more you know, the more you know you don’t know. None of us is Superman or Super-woman. But the more you know about self-defense, the better off you are. If you want to get a license to carry a firearm, then do it (if you can, that is.). If you want to carry a legal weapon to defend yourself, do it. (Just know what a legal weapon is.)

If you defend yourself with an illegal weapon, then you will be the bad guy. If you shoot a person just because you get in a hassle, you are the bad guy. If you carry anything to commit an illegal act in Kansas, you are a bad guy. If you get beaten up by someone and later come back to get back at them, you are a bad guy. This is the law.

Think about what you do. Be smart and be safe.

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