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Obama doesn’t boast about his many accomplishments

By Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

I’m an Independent. Over the years I have voted for the man or woman and not the political party.

I became interested in politics many years ago and have watched presidents come and go. Looking over the list of Democratic and Republican presidents in the past, I think the current man in the White House gets my nod as the one I admire most.

There are many things I like about him: his intellect, his perseverance, his ethics, his patience, his dedication to the middle class and people in need, and his being a good family man.

But the one characteristic I especially admire in our president is his lack of pom-posity and arrogance. This con-trasts greatly with the right-wing extremists in Congress who do a lot of chest thumping even to the extent of cheering when they managed to shut down the government for 16 days. Throughout this man’s presi-dency the extremist right wing’s mantra has been to do every-thing possible to ensure his failure.

In my opinion, he has much that he could boast about during his five years in office: extracting us from two costly wars, pulling us back from the brink of a depression, rescuing the U.S. automobile industry, increasing home sales and construction, disposing of Osama Bin Laden and making it possible for 30 million people to get health care, to name a few.

But, the day after the government opened once again after its shutdown, the loss of $24 billion of our economy and the near disaster of not increasing the debt ceiling, he gave a short briefing. He showed humility, patience and understanding in saying that no one was the real winner in this episode. He calmly encouraged both parties to find common ground for the good of the nation and to debate and negotiate but not to hold the U.S. government hostage from one manufactured crisis to another.

Just think where this nation could be at this point with help instead of hindrance from the other side. In my opinion, our president is not only a great president but also is a great man.

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